Career as a Chef

Career as a Chef

Introduction to Career as a Chef

If you are interested in cooking, career as a chef is a perfect choice for you. Chef is not about just preparing food. It is a combination of some skills. So there exists a wide career opportunities for able and interested persons in this field. A good chef can earn career growth as well as celebrity status all over the world.

Who is a Chef?

Being a chef doesn’t means just to cook food. It is a skill and art which combines passion and creativity. The word ‘Chef’ has come from French phrase ‘chef de cuisine’, which means the chief or head of a kitchen. A chef is a person who have got specialized training to master the craft of cookery.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Chef

Depends upon position, experience and the place of work, the job responsibilities are also changing for a chef. The primary responsibility of a chef is to prepare food. As the experience increases and in a large kitchen the roles may be to organize the kitchen, directing staff, supervising kitchen operations, planning the meals are also some responsibilities.

Educational Qualification Required

Rather than to get a professional qualification, the skill and passion for the career as chef is important. But well established organizations and restaurants prefer people with professional training from reputed colleges. A training in fundamentals of cooking will always help you to get into a job in this field. A Bachelor degree in hotel management is one of the degree you can obtain in this field. There are other diploma and certificate courses are available in this field.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career as a Chef

The career as a chef is a busy work. It is not of regular working hours. So you need to be able to work in flexible working hours. It requires a lot of hard work and physical fitness. They must have experimental mind and innovative skills. Artistic and presentation skills are also essential for this career in these days. Team work skills and ability to manage people are also essential.

Since they are dealing with food and items, they must have an intense knowledge of combinations of food. Also knowledge in variety of food and cuisines are also essential for a chef. Chef must also update his knowledge and skills about new cooking technologies and methods.

How to become a Chef?

Minimum educational qualification required to get admission onto a bachelor degree program in hotel management is 10+2 or equivalent. One can also obtain diploma and certification courses in hotel management. Admission to reputed academic institutions are through an entrance examination. Which may sometimes followed by group discussion and interview. One can also get specialization courses in different areas of kitchen management and cooking.

Where do I get the Job?

Hotel and hospitality industry is expanding these days. So there is wide scope for career as a chef. Opportunities are available in restaurants, hotels, catering agencies, food processing companies, airlines, resorts, etc. Now television channels are focusing on cookery shows, so an experienced chef can host it. Writing cookery books is also a good option to earn in this field.

Entrepreneur jobs by starting a catering company or restaurant are also some of the opportunities available in this field.

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