Career in Robotics

Career in Robotics

Introduction to Career in Robotics

Robotics became a familiar word to many now. It is an engineering field related to robots. As a rapidly growing field, robotics offer great career opportunities. Here we are going to discuss about career in robotics. 

What is Robotics?

Robotics is a field of engineering concerned with the development and application of robots, and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback and information processing. Now a days the application of this has been increased to many industries and fields. This is a combination of many fields of engineering includes mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering and computer science. The experts working in robotic field are called robotic engineers.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Robotic Engineer

Role of robotic engineers is to design and maintain robots. Their role is also include conducting research and development with an aim to improve and expands the applications of robots. A robotic engineer is also responsible for customizing robots based on the need and requirements of particular application. They may also have responsibilities of supervisory roles.

Educational Qualification Required

A bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent is considers as a basic requirement to enter into this field. Mostly robotic engineering is a specialization along with other engineering discipline rather than a separate course.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Robotics

A candidate opting for robotics must have thorough knowledge and interest in robotics and artificial intelligence. They must be a good team player. Along with good aptitude and knowledge in mathematics, electronics, artificial intelligence, physics, chemistry and electronics, one must also possess some other skills. Logical reasoning, computer programming, communication skills, patience, problem solving skills, etc. are some of them. This is a vast developing and regularly updating field, so a robotic engineer must update his / her technical and related knowledge continuously. So a robotic engineer must be interested to study continuously.

How to become a Robotic Engineer?

A science stream student with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) in 10 + 2 can go for engineering (BE or BTech.). One who want to study robotic engineering, should see that your selected course and college is offering robotics as a specialization. A master’s degree or PhD in the subject can give you more opportunities and higher positions in the job.

Where do I get the Job?

With the wide development and expansion of this field, career in robotics is also growing. The popularity of this career is also increasing. Career opportunities may get in manufacturing, research and development, agriculture, mining, space exploration, etc. The expansion of robotics to many other applications increases the opportunities also. Jobs are available at different private sector companies who manufacture robots. A good qualified robotic engineer can get higher and great opportunities with space agencies, research and development departments, etc. A teaching profession is also a scope for this job.

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