Nuclear Engineering as a Career

Nuclear Engineering as a Career

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering as a Career

Being a specialist field, nuclear engineering as a career is challenging and can offer job opportunities to efficient people. An engineer who is good at physics with interest and knowledge in the field of nuclear science can opt this field.

What is Nuclear Engineering?

Nuclear engineering is the application of science that deals with the design, construction and operation of nuclear reactors for the generation and control of nuclear energy. This engineering field is the study of various fundamental principles of physics like fission and fusion of atomic nuclei in details. 

A person who work in the field of nuclear engineering are called nuclear engineers. They design and construct many ways to use nuclear engineering to different fields and industries. Specifically, the use of radioactive materials for industrial, medical and scientific purposes.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nuclear Engineer

The role and job responsibility of a nuclear engineer varies with type of industry and position they work in. The most general role of their work involves dealing with problems related to nuclear energy. Mostly they are doing research and development works in office and lab environment. Some are working in power plants which is a field work.

Educational Qualification Required

Minimum qualification to enter in the field of nuclear engineering is a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering. A higher degree of masters (M. Tech) in nuclear engineering gives an opportunity to get higher position jobs. A PhD in Nuclear engineering is also give good opportunities.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Nuclear Engineering as a Career

Certain skills are essential for becoming a successful nuclear engineer along with thorough knowledge in this field. Nuclear engineer must possess great analytical, mathematical, technological, planning, organizational and research skills. Excellent communication skills and team work skills are also essential for their role. They must be hardworking and have patience.

How to become a Nuclear Engineer?

A student with 10 + 2 or equivalent with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) can pursue a degree in nuclear engineering. Mostly there will be entrance exams to for admission to this course for eligible candidate. Master’s degree (M. Tech) can be obtained after the bachelor’s degree. There will also be entrance exams for the admission for master’s degree. After M Tech, one can go for PhD in nuclear engineering.

Where do I get the Job?

A well-qualified and able nuclear engineers are having great opportunities. Atomic energy and research sections, defence sectors, medical research, nuclear energy etc. are some fields offering wide opportunities. Job opportunities are available in government, public and private sectors. In academics, they can be worked as lectures and professors.

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