Career in Safety Management

Career in Safety Management

Introduction to Career in Safety Management

Career in safety management is important because of increased awareness and requirements of safety measures in all levels. Safety measures are becoming important in everyday life and in workplace. Governments also implementing new rules regularly to ensure safety measures at various places. The role of safety officer or safety management professional is thus become more important everywhere.

What is Safety Management?

Safety management is a system designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. It includes all procedures, policies, objectives, responsibilities, identifying and taking precautionary measures to prevent accidents, and to ensure all safety regulations are followed.

Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Management Professional

Role and responsibility of safety management professional or safety officer in general is to take all measures to prevent accidents and ensure that all safety guidelines are followed. They are responsible for implementation and maintenance of safety procedures in workplace. They should also make sure that all safety regulations are followed. Thus, to minimize any possibility of risks, accidents and injuries in workplace.

Educational Qualification Required

To get career in safety management, you need to get at least a diploma or certificate courses in the field of safety management. Many certificate or diploma courses are available in different fields of safety management. You should choose the course depends upon the requirement of the career path you are choosing. Most of these courses can be done after 10 + 2. These courses cover various aspects of safety management, which includes and not limited to industrial safety standards, safety hazards, methods to prevent accidents, methods to react to various situations, etc. Don’t forget to choose only a course which is recognized by corresponding authority.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Safety Management

For career in safety management, various personal skills are essential along with knowledge acquired during the course. A person in this career must always ready to update their knowledge about new rules, standards and measures, available opportunities, changes in this field etc. Personal skills include, excellent interpersonal skills, communication skills, problem solving abilities, observation and reporting skills, ability to remain calm during emergencies, tactfulness, management and organizational skills, ability to work as a team, etc.

How to become a Safety Management Professional?

For becoming a safety officer, one has to undergo training and obtain required certifications in the field of safety management. Various diploma and courses are available in this field. Most of these courses can be done after 10 + 2 or equivalent. Degree and master’s degree courses are also available in this field which can offer you higher positions.

Different Courses for Career in Safety Management

Certificate Course in Fire and Safety Management

Certificate Course in Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management

Certificate in Industrial safety Management

Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management

Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering Management (DFSEM)

Diploma in Industrial Safety Management

BSc. In Safety Management

MBA Safety Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety Management

Where do I get the Job?

Job opportunities for safety management is available in both private and public sector companies. Governments pass safety regulations and laws which made the presence of safety officer in all most all factories and workplaces.

Various jobs are available in this field like, safety officer, safety manager, safety instructor, industrial hygienist, etc. Career opportunities are available in various industries like manufacturing, oil companies, transportation, construction, aviation, hospitals, etc. Government sector and paramilitary also offer various job opportunities for professionals in this field.

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