Web Development as a Career

Web Development as a Career

Introduction to Web Development as a Career

Increase of internet usage in all fields, websites become an unavoidable part for all. This increases the demand for web development as a career.

All fields including education, entertainment, news, sports, businesses, etc. requires websites for their institutions. There are more internet based businesses are also developing. This makes the website an unavoidable requirement in many cases.

What is Web Development?

A web development is a process of creating a website for the institution or even for a person to serve a particular purpose. This website may be for Internet (World Wide Web) or for Intranet (A private network). There are many simple ways to develop a website, but a professional website requires a web development professional called a web developer. A web development process includes planning, building and managing a website. A web development deals with interaction on pages inside a website and also the usability of customers.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Developer

The role of a web developer varies differently based on which work they are involved. A web development process includes many works like web designing, coding, content development, server management, network and security management, etc. Mainly a web developer is one who is professional qualified to develop a website. They are capable to write programs to develop a website which look, and serve the purpose the customer. That is a web developer will plan and program a website. A web developer should work close with web designers and content writers. Also requires to know details of customer requirements.

Educational Qualification Required

Earlier, anyone who can write HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) can develop a website. But now there are lot of changes happening in this field. A computer science engineering or degree is becoming a must for these days in this profession. An MTech or MCA is always considers as an added advantage.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Web Development as a Career

A good knowledge in computer languages (like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), XML (eXtensible Markup language), XHTML and server side scripting languages such as ASP (Active Server Pages from Microsoft), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor which is an open source language) and style sheet language which is used to style documents written in markup languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)) is necessary for web development as a career.

Expertise in programming as well as knowledge in graphic packages like Photoshop, Flash, etc. are also important for this career. All these subjects depth is changing regularly, so one should update the knowledge regularly.

Other than the knowledge and expertise in the programming one should also possess some personal skills. Communication skills, problem solving skills, creative and multi-tasking skills, ability to work as a team, etc. are some of them. Person who involved in web development must have good patience and ability to work in tight deadlines.

How to become a Web Developer?

To become a web developer, one should get good knowledge in different computer languages. A computer Science Engineering degree is one which can help in obtaining the job. This can be obtained after completing 10 + 2 in science (PCM). An MCA (Master in Computer Application) can also help in obtaining a job in this field. MCA can be obtained after BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) or after a degree with computer as one of the subject in degree (Note: Universities differ with their required qualification of admissions). MTech in Engineering can be obtained after getting a BTech in Engineering.

Where do I get the Job?

Job opportunities for a web developer is increasing as the usage of internet and internet users are increasing. Big companies and institutions are appointing their own web developers to manage, upgrade and maintain their websites. Online companies also appoints web developers for regular maintenance of their websites.

Small companies and institutions are hiring companies which offer web development and maintenance. So the job is also available with web development companies. IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies, online gaming companies, media outlets, marketing firms, etc. are offering job in this field. An experienced and established web developer can work as a freelancer or start a web developing company.

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