Career in Travel and Tourism

Career in Travel and Tourism

Introduction to Career in Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is one of the largest industry which offers a career to large number of people. Millions of people choose their career in Travel and Tourism industry. It provide job opportunities both directly and indirectly to many. Those who are interested in this field can get a job.

What is Travel and Tourism?

Travel and Tourism is a wide industry deals with many areas. This is an industry that includes all the activities related to travel and tourism. Travel and tourism industry is connected to many industry. This industry draws much foreign exchange so governments always promote this. So travel and tourism will always a developing industry.

Roles and Responsibilities of career in Travel and Tourism

Since it is a wide industry with wide range of career opportunities, roles and responsibilities are also different. The roles and responsibilities of career in travel and tourism depends on the position and job they are involved in. Main work involves in providing services for people as it is mainly a service industry. The roles may be from ticketing to paper works for travel, arranging proper personnel and others for help, proper arrangements which includes all marketing, counter sales etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic educational qualification required will also vary with job in travel and tourism industry. For example a guide may just need knowledge about an area or monument and good oral communication skills. Some other jobs require special knowledge and educational qualification. Diploma certification courses, degree courses and post-graduate (master) level courses are available to pursue good career in travel and tourism.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Career in travel and tourism is mainly service industry. So good communication and presentation skills are essential to become successful. Oral communication ability and friendly nature are also essential. People handling capacity and patience will also give an added advantage. You must be able to work at flexible hours. Team handling and team work efficiency will also a requirement.

How to get a career in Travel and Tourism?

One can get into graduate level programs after passing out 10+2 or equivalent. Basic qualification required to obtain diploma or certification courses are different. After graduation one can also go for post-graduate level courses such as Master of Tourism Administration. Many educational qualification one can take in this field includes BBA or BA in Travel and Tourism, Hotel management courses, etc.

Where do I get the Job?

Job opportunities are available worldwide both directly and indirectly. Both government and private sectors offer a wide range of career opportunities. Some of the areas people can get job includes government tourism departments, immigration and customs services, airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, guides, interpreters, etc.

A post-graduate degree is essential to get into managerial and administrative positions in the industry. Tourism industry is a developing industry which is supported heavily by governments. The opportunities in this industry will never fade as there is an increasing interest to travel.

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