Career Options in Political Science

Career Options in Political Science

Introduction to Career Options in Political Science

As you know your life is depends upon political decisions of the policy makers. Political science tells you how these decisions are made, how policies are made, how policies can be improved, etc. It is a branch of study which is suitable for students interested in these matters and want a career related these. Here we discuss about career options in political science.

What is Political Science?

Political Science is a branch of Social Science which deals with the theory and practice of everything related to politics. It is a very broad field which involves the study of governmental systems, methods and principles that govern the politics.

A student of political science have to study different fields includes governmental policies and procedures, public administration, foreign policies, international relations, etc. of a country or an organization. A person who study Political Science are called as Political Scientist.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Political Scientist

The role of political scientist is to deal with many social problems and find suitable solutions. They also conducts research on various subjects related to society and political scenarios to understand the impact and effect of different policies, methodologies, collecting public opinion of decisions, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Even though the smallest degree required to enter into a career in Political Science is Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, a higher degree like Master’s or PhD is always preferable to get a higher position and good job opportunities.

Educational qualification to become a teaching position in political science requires master’s degree along with qualification in related exams like UGC NET, SET, B Ed, etc.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career Options in Political Science

A political scientist must have many personal skills to become successful. He / She must have research interest, leadership qualities, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, good communication skills, decision making capacity, self-confidence, ability to face stress,

How to become a Political Scientist?

The basics of political science is there in the school level itself as a part of social science syllabus. One who want to pursue a career in political science can opt for Humanities streams in 10 + 2 (Some colleges admits students with any stream in 10 + 2) and can opt for Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (B. A Political Science). After that they can go for Master’s Degree in Political Science. Further the study can be continue to M Phil and PhD in related fields or topics.

Where do I get the Job?

Job opportunities for a political scientists are wider in both government and private sector. The skills and knowledge acquired during the study of political science helps a person to get job in many fields. This includes banks, consultancies, law firms, social research organizations, college or institutions, etc.

One main scope of job lies in educational and research field. The scope of socio economic research has been gearing up these days. A political scientist can be one who can develop a career based on these. In educational field one can choose a teacher position at various levels of study.

Political journalism, political analyst, civil service, administrative services, political advisories, etc. are some other good job opportunities for a political scientist.

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