Career in Floriculture or Flower Farming

Career in Floriculture or Flower Farming

Introduction to Career in Floriculture or Flower Farming

Floriculture is more than hundred year old industry started in England, now has spread to all other countries in the world. The scope of this has also been increasing as the use of flowers has increased in different areas. Here we discuss about career in floriculture or flower farming.

What is Floriculture?

Floriculture is a discipline of Horticulture, deals with the study of growing and marketing flowers and foliage plants. It is popularly known as flower farming. This branch deals with the cultivation of flowers for business purposes. The persons associated with this field are floriculturists.

The cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants are done and are used as raw materials in cosmetic and perfume industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Floriculture as an industry spread over many fields includes flower trade, production of nursery plants and potted plants, seed and bulb production, micro propagation and extraction of essential oils, marketing of all these etc. Since the usage of flower in the production of food oils, cosmetic and perfume industry, and the pharmaceutical industry made this sector a wide demanding field.

Roles and Responsibilities of a floriculturists

The nature of work is wide in this field. Some of the works include farm or estate manager, plantation experts, cultivators, project coordinators, marketing specialists etc.

Educational Qualification Required

To become a professional in this field requires to obtain a professional qualification and also have an interest towards gardening. A degree in Agriculture and a postgraduate degree in Horticulture with Floriculture as specialization will give a professional qualification.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Floriculture or Flower Farming

A floriculturist must have different skills and knowledge to become successful. One of the important is that his or her interest in gardening and love towards nature. Other than professional knowledge a floriculturist must be a good analyst, good communication skills both oral and written, people handling skills, computer skills, etc.

How to become a Floriculturist?

To become a professionally qualified person, one has to obtain a degree in Agriculture (BSc. Agriculture). After that one can obtain a postgraduate degree in Horticulture with a specialization in floriculture. A PhD in floriculture offers a jobs in research and development sections of companies in this field.

Where do I get the Job?

The employment opportunities are different in this field. Some opportunities includes farmers, supervisors, plantation experts, project coordinators, marketing specialists, consultant, landscape architect, researcher, training and teaching experts, etc.

Job opportunities are available in corporate sector as well as government sector. Food industry, cosmetic and perfume industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. offers good job opportunities for good candidates. Self-employment is another good opportunity in this field a person can get.

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