Investment Management Career

Investment Management Career

Introduction to Investment Management Career

Are you have interest in financial markets? Or are you able to analyze financial data and take good decisions at correct time? What is your interest in updating your knowledge regularly and be able to understand the changes in financial market and develop investment strategies? Investment management is the right choice of career for you. Here we discuss about Investment Management Career.

Investment management is also called as asset management, money management, fund management, portfolio management etc.

What is Investment Management?

Investment management is the process of managing financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, real assets to meet the objectives of the owner / investor. One who manages investment are called as investment managers. They have to manage mutual funds, assets, pension funds, retirement planning, estate planning etc.

In other words, investment managers are those who specializes in placing money in diverse instruments in order to accomplish predetermined goals.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Investment Manager

Investment managers work role depends on the where and what type of works they are doing. They have to manage huge money of corporate companies which may be from mutual funds, surplus, pension funds, etc. When it is the case of individuals they have to deal with retirement plans, tax planning, etc.

But the base of all the role and work an investment manager has to deal with is to proper utilization of the money to earn more by dealing with risk. That is they have analyze risk and return of each investment and use the money properly and correctly. This is done by managing cash inflow and outflow, proper forecasting and planning, new business and plans.

Educational Qualification Required

An MBA in finance can give a good opportunity to become a good investment manager. There are other courses like Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered financial Analyst (CFA), Master of finance and control (MFC), Actuarial Science, etc. also offers specialization and scope in this career. There are many diploma or certification courses from different financial institutions and stock exchanges which increases career growth scope in this field.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Investment Management Career

An investment manager must have strong knowledge in investments and its various methods and analysis.

This field is having high work pressure and stress as it deals with money and investment. One who chose this field must be ready to handle stress.

He / she must have good analytical skills, problem solving skills, mathematical knowledge, knowledge on financial implications of various factors, presentation skills, communication skills, etc.

How to become an Investment Manager?

An MBA institute or Business Schools offer Finance as specialization in their MBA program. Admission to good MBA institutes in India are through various entrance test across the country. Some institutes conducts test by their own for the admission. Basic qualification to study MBA is any degree with specified percentage of marks. Studying MBA in a top institute like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other top ranked institutes can give you a good job opening through campus placements.

Admission process in these institutes are through various steps includes admission test, group discussions, personal interview, etc. Some admission tests for admission are Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Admission Test (MAT), XAT, GMAT, CMAT, etc. Some of the exams are conducting only once in a year and some are conducting four times a year. There is difference in the acceptable exams at different colleges or business schools. So before writing an exam make sure that the college you want to study accepts the exam for their admission procedures.

Some institutes offer executive MBA through which a professional can get an MBA degree and improve his career opportunity.

To become an investment manager, one can also choose to pass CA, CFA, Actuarial Science exams. This gives wide and good option for the career growth.

Where do I get the Job?

Since the money need to be use properly and correctly to earn, the investors are searching for investment managers. The investors includes companies, multinational corporations, banks, insurance firms, and individuals. So the job opportunity are plenty for well qualified persons. Educational qualification, experience matters much in this field when it comes for salary and job opportunity.

Entry level jobs are available as analyst or trainees in financial sector. As experience increases, the can climb up the ladder to higher positions.

The job opportunities included as security broker, security traders, analyst, investment manager, asset manager, fund manager, portfolio manager, consultant in various fields, financial planner, money manager, hedge fund planner, equity analyst, etc.

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