What is an MBA Course

What is an MBA Course?

Introduction to MBA Course

MBA is the short form of Master of Business Administration. This course is a post graduate certificate course offered by recognized university or college. It is one of the popular course among students as it offers wide scope in the field of career. It is important to understand different factors about MBA course before joining for an MBA. So here we will discuss in brief about MBA Course.

During late 19th century due to high level industrialization in USA, companies sought scientific approaches to management. The result of this sought was the course Master of Business Administration (MBA). Gradually, the course has gained immense popularity worldwide.

The course is now offered in full time regular, part time, accelerated, executive, and distance methods.

MBA Course Duration and Educational Qualification Required

A full time regular MBA is for 2 year or 4 semester. The part time, accelerated, executive and distance method MBA courses is of different duration depends upon the college it offering. The value of certificate, accreditation, job opportunities, etc. will also varies.

A graduate in any subject can join MBA course. The admission procedure to MBA is different from college to college. The procedures includes a test score, written examination, group discussions, personal interview, etc.

MBA Course Structure

Two year full time regular MBA course is mostly divided into 4 semesters. The first year comprises of two semesters which includes subjects of general study in business. Mostly all papers are compulsory. Student mostly need to undergo a summer internship or organizational study by the end of the year or by the end of second semester.

Second year or third and fourth semester, students have to opt for electives other than the compulsory paper. Elective papers are from specialization area selected by the student. Specialization area includes General Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology Management, Operations Management, Production Management, Entrepreneurship, Service Management, Banking and Finance, etc. Mostly during fourth semester, students are to do a project work or a study.

There will be viva voice, presentation, assignments, practical training, project works, etc. during the study. Career development programs, personality development programs, skill development programs are also arranged by different colleges during the course.

Subjects Needs to Study

Depends upon opted specialization subjects needs to study will also vary. Some subjects or papers that a student enrolled in MBA has to study are:

1. Organizational Behaviour, 2. Quantitative Methods, 3. Managerial Economics, 4. Financial Accounting, 5. Marketing Management, 6. Human Resource Management, 7. Business Communication, 8. Information Technology Management, 9. Organization Effectiveness and Change, 10. Management Science, 11. Economic Environment of Business, 12. Financial Management, 13. Management Accounting, 14. Production and Operations Management, 15. Marketing Research, 16. Research Methodology, 17. Management of Information System, 18. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, 19. Strategic Analysis, 20. Legal Environment of Business, 21. Strategic Management, 22. International Business Environment, etc.

The student should select five or more papers from specialization chosen by him/her.

Scope of MBA Course

MBA is a popular course worldwide. It attracts a fantastic number of experienced professionals as well as freshers from a wide range of academic disciplines. This happens because employers consider an MBA degree from top institutes as a stamp on candidate that they can manage the business well. Thus the scope of MBA course is endless.


If you feel satisfied and enjoyable when you complete one task, it is your place. You can make this course enjoyable by meeting deadlines and completing projects. Make some excellent friends; develop your personality and self during the course, which makes you to convert yourself into efficient persons.

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