ISFPs in Workplace

ISFPs in Workplace

ISFPs in workplace are good problem solvers who like to get positions which give room for them to do the work in their own way. They are flexible and spontaneous people who hold strong aesthetic sense. They like to be more accommodating people and expects to do the same from others. In career they are not such people who look for just a job, instead they want creative freedom in their workplace.

ISFP Personality Type

Various Positions of ISFPs in Workplace

ISFP personality types generally required their own freedom and space while doing the task. They are not naturally good at planning, but like to deal with problems at present moment. Dislike being in spotlight and prefer to be in supporting role. Very helpful and kind towards others and always ready for listening others problems. But they are not expressive of themselves and very difficult to understand. Based on their traits, there are some optimal career choices for ISFPs. Here we are going to discuss ISFPs in workplace as manager / boss, colleague and subordinate.

ISFP as a Manager / Boss

ISFPs are generally not interested in dominating or controlling others. That is, ISFP managers are not dictator type managers who like to give orders. They are also not good at long-term planning or take strict disciplines and rules at subordinates. These characters express ISFPs as not natural leaders. But their curiosity, imagination, creativity, passion and ability to solve problems can make them good at leadership positions.

They are very kind and helpful in nature; this makes them better at some leadership positions which requires understanding subordinates. This quality and their ability to adapt to circumstances are their strengths as a leader or manager. Their listening ability, being physically active can also makes them good motivational and lead from front bosses. As a manager they like to have a work environment which is aesthetically pleasing.

ISFP as a Colleague

As a colleague, ISFPs are kind and supportive to others. They like to be in supportive and action-oriented roles rather than dominating roles. Also, they don’t like others to dominate or control them. They require their own freedom and space in doing the task. They dislike conflicts in the workplace and like to avoid such situations. For this they look for ways to compromise and accommodate others, and expects the same from others.

They dislike being in routine and highly structured jobs, so it may be difficult to work with an ISFP if the job is more routine type or highly structured.

ISFP as a Subordinate

As a subordinate, ISFP personality types don’t like to be controlled. They require freedom and their own space and time in executing a task. These personality types are good at taking spontaneous decisions and are good risk takers. They love to be on jobs which involve more physical activities than planning works. Also, they expect appreciation for the work they done. An ISFP subordinate will satisfied if they get tangible results from their efforts. So, the jobs that matches for them is to get a clear and immediate results. They like to work in an environment which is aesthetically pleasing.

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