Career Choices for ISFP Personality Type

Career Choices for ISFP Personality Type

ISFP personality types are creative and have artistic skills and are like to be artists in some or other forms. There are many career choices for ISFP personality type. In this article we will discuss some of them and those careers which are not preferred for ISFP.

ISFP personality types are people who love to choose career which gives them enough activities and to express themselves. They require to get tangible results immediately from their efforts. Being an artistic personality type, ISFPs love to work in an atmosphere which is aesthetically pleasant.

ISFP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ISFP personality type

Like other personality types, a career becomes optimal for an ISFP if it matches and take advantage of their strengths and talents. Based on their traits there are some good career choices for ISFP personality types. Their traits like artistic, kindness and helpful nature, spontaneity and ability to find immediate solutions, risk loving personality, love more physical activity than planning, etc. makes them fit for some job opportunities.

Their artistic ability makes them naturally good artists in many cases. Along with this, their interest in physical activities makes them fit for jobs like interior designer, fashion designer, graphic designer, photographers, landscape architect, jeweler, carpenter, chef, tailor, physical trainer, etc.

Kind, helpful, listening ability, gentle nature and love towards animals and children makes them perfect for many jobs like nurse, physician, pediatricians, optician, veterinary doctor, dietitian, preschool teacher, social worker, special education teacher, counselor, etc. Some other jobs which suited for ISFP personality type because they like adventure and everyday challenges includes flight attendance, police officers, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ISFPs

Career choices not preferred for ISFPs are based on their natural interests and traits. The jobs which are outside their natural strengths may become stressful and unsatisfactory for them. Some career choices which are not preferred for an ISFP personality type are given below.

ISFPs are not good communicators or planners who can express anything. These traits makes some jobs not preferred for ISFPs, like executives, sales managers, marketing managers, administrator jobs, strategic planners, financial planners, etc.

Jobs which are more routine type but less room for creativity will also considered as not preferred for ISFPs. Some such jobs include accounts, auditing, clerical, etc. Some jobs which are suitable for ISFPs are become not preferred if it include problems like routine work and planning. Examples of such jobs are teaching, social work, counseling and psychology.

Work habits of an ISFP

ISFPs love to work independently and in an environment, which are aesthetically pleasant. They are very helpful people at workplace and are approachable. They require freedom and space to work with their own time. These personality type dislike strict rules and targets, also they have trouble dealing with conflict and will try to avoid such conflicts. They like to get appreciated and sensitive to negative feedbacks. Planning is not their cup of tea and like to be in more physical activities which gives tangible results.

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