Telemarketing as a Career

Telemarketing as a Career

Introduction to Telemarketing as a Career

Telemarketing as a career gives much opportunity for many including freshers. Telemarketing is an improving career section in the world of information and technology. If you have a phone surely you got at least one telemarketing call till date.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is clear in its name itself. It is the basic idea of marketing a company’s product and services through telephone or with the help of information technology. The idea is to use telephone as a medium of advertising and make personal one to one marketing. This is not limited to personal marketing; it also includes business to business marketing.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Telemarketer

Basic role of a telemarketer is to make phone calls and market company’s product and services to customers. The main role involves creating leads which eventually results in sales of product or services of the firm. This may include and not limited to products and services like savings account, credit card sale, membership in clubs, purchasing a car, etc. This job role is similar to call center jobs, but only limited to make outgoing call which can create sales leads. So, they are also called as outgoing call center representatives.

Educational Qualification Required for Telemarketing as a Career

There is no minimum educational qualification for this career. The eligibility for the job is exceptional communication and language skills. Any person with any educational qualification can get into this career. But a 10 + 2 education in any discipline is considered as advantage.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Telemarketing as a Career

Basic skill required in this career is to persuade people to buy product or services only through telephonic conversation. Thus, required exceptional communication skills specifically oral. Other than this a candidate must have listening skills, customer relationship skills, pleasant voice and telephone manners, ability to learn quickly, basic computer skills, etc. A telemarketer must be able to learn about the product and services of the firm. Basic knowledge in sales and marketing is also required for this job.

How to become a Telemarketer?

There is o specific way to become a telemarketer. If you have basic qualities and skills for the job, you can attend interview for the job. It is good that if you could develop some skills important for the job along with your studies. Attending certification courses and skill development courses in the specific skills required for the career will improve your chance of getting into this career.

Where do I get the Job?

Telemarketing jobs are now available in both full time and part time jobs. Many companies and call centers are offering job opportunities. The job opportunities are also available for housewives, students as part time and also gives an option to work at home.

Now job opportunities are available in telemarketing for lead generation, product promotion, research survey, appointment scheduling, up sell or cross sell campaigns, promotion of events or campaigns, etc. So, the scope is increasing as the use of mobile phone increases.

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