Career in Customer Relationship Management

Career in Customer Relationship Management

Introduction to Career in Customer Relationship Management

Customer is the king in any business. So, establishing and maintaining positive relationship with customer is important for any business for its survival. Thus, the scope of career in customer relationship management is increasing and wide spread.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management shortly known as CRM is developed to establish and maintain good relationship with customers. Different management techniques are involved in this profession to create and maintain customer loyalty to the business firm or brand. Customer relationship management makes it possible for a firm to establish customer focused policies to enable long term relationship with customers.

Roles and Responsibilities in Customer Relationship Management

Role of a customer relationship management personnel will vary depends upon the position and industry they are involved in. Services industry like banking will have specific personnel in CRM to keep the relationship with customers. Manufacturing industry may have a specific service sections in which CRM role may include. Or sometimes it is mingled with some other marketing roles. But the common role of CRM personnel is to establish and maintain customer relationships to increase business.

Due to the development of technology, CRM also improves its work role. Telephonic calls, emails, fax, text messages, promotional messages, etc. are done in CRM these days and keep a track of them with specially designed software.

Educational Qualification Required

Earlier, customer relationship management is considered as an expert’s job with required skills and education. But now, the development of technology increases job opportunities for freshers and with minimum expertise in the role.

As a result, the minimum educational qualification to start a career in CRM is graduate in any discipline. Post graduate courses like MBA have specialization in CRM and marketing which can increase the chances of getting a career in CRM. One can also get diploma and PG diploma courses in CRM to pursue career in customer relationship management.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Customer Relationship Management

Role of CRM professional is to establish and maintain customer relationship. So, an essential skill required for this career is communication skills. Along with this, a person must have interpersonal skills, people management skills, persuasive skills, presentation skills, leadership qualities, listening ability, and minimum computer knowledge to succeed in this career. Along with the skills, they must have proper knowledge about the industry, organization, products and services offered by the organization and its competitors.

How to get Career in Customer Relationship Management?

Any person with graduation in any discipline with required skills can get into CRM career. MBA in CRM or Marketing gives a scope to get into higher positions in CRM. One can also get into advanced and certification courses in CRM after degree. Some courses will have specific educational requirements and entrance tests to get admissions depending on the school you are applying. But to succeed in CRM job, you need to advance your knowledge in required field and also improve your communication skills. Joining a specific communication course along with your studies can help you in this regard.

Where do I get the Job?

Many companies offer job prospects in customer relationship management. A fresher can get into CRM job very easily if they have minimum requirement for the job. Depending upon the industry and experience, job roles will vary from executive to managerial positions. But every organization requires customer relationship management professionals.

Globalization and spread of e-commerce have also increased the importance and requirement of CRM professionals. Every company have special customer care executives to manage their clients or create leads for sales. A good CRM professional with required skills can get job into different departments of a company like marketing, sales, strategy, etc.

Customer relationship management professionals are required in almost all industries like financial services (includes banking, accounting, etc.), other services, e-commerce, research, manufacturing, consultancy, IT, etc.

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