What to look in a b-school before admission

What to look in a B-School before Admission?


Many institutions offer MBA or PGDBM courses. Choosing correct course and college is important for your future. Just getting a Master’s degree or Post Graduate Diploma is not worth enough for you and for your future career opportunities. So, What to look in a B-School before admission? is very important.

So choosing a college and course becomes important as you are going to spend 2 years of your life and good amount of money. Wisely take the choice if you want to make a career in this field or want to use this degree to climb the ladder of professional world.

There are more than 5000 management institutes in India offering MBA or PGDBM approved by AICTE. Colleges that do not have overall ranking, noticeable placement and not have facilities for a Post Graduate course like MBA or PGDBM are also in the list. So carefully chose a College.

What to look in a B-School before Admission?

Here we give some points you should check for choosing a B School for getting admission.

1. College Ranking

MBA ranking for the institutions and courses are a guideline for students to choose one from a wide variety of available institutions and courses. Many worldwide/national ranking and other rankings are made bases on statistics and evaluations collected from MBA alumni, recruiters, post MBA career progress of students etc. rather than academy directors or admissions statistics.

Rankings like Outlook, India Today, Business World etc. will give an overall guideline to choose colleges and Courses.

2. Placement Facility

Most of the colleges advertise that 100% placement assistance and have placement cell. It is always advice to check the truth behind the advertisement. Some colleges don’t have good placement facilities. In this case the student will be passed out without a job and he/she has to search for the job by their own, it is difficult now to get a good job in this method.

Previous placement records, talk to alumni of the institute, recruitment companies’ responses, where the alumni are placed etc. will help you to evaluate placement services of the institute.

3. Course Structure / Teaching Methodology

Understand the teaching methodology of the course or course structure. How much exposure you will get to the business or corporate world is another point you should consider. Some colleges’ offer only theory study and that will not give you much benefit to the career you hope to have. That is you should identify and get knowledge about the quality of education you may get from the institution.

Checking the authenticity and an approval of college and course is also important. Understand what you will get after completing the course.

4. Faculty

Faculty here I mention not only permanent faculty, but also visiting or guest faculties of the institution. Check that organization is having prominent permanent faculty as well as visiting and guest faculties. Visiting and guest faculties can give you more industry exposure than permanent faculties. Always remember experienced faculties can offer quality education to students.

5. Infrastructure

Infrastructure includes academic infrastructure like lecture halls, academic blocks, auditoriums, library, conference hall, etc. It should also be note down the hostel facilities provided, facilities for extracurricular activities, social and other facilities which will help students in their studies. Conferences and events conducted by the institute or the facilities provided for students to get more exposure to business world are also shown the quality of B School.


Here I mention only five important points you should look before joining an MBA or PGDBM course in a college. There are many other things you should check before joining a course. Look more and more into it, get details clearly and from dependable sources will help you in decision making.

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