Marketing Management Career

Marketing Management Career

Introduction to Marketing Management Career

Success of a business depends on how it is acceptable by people. Marketing is that part of business which deals directly with customers or people. It is mostly misunderstood as sales management, but sales management is part of marketing management. There are many other roles in marketing management. Here we discuss more about marketing management career.

Marketing involves different functions includes advertising, distribution, and selling of a product. So every business requires people in this field. Without marketing no business will grow or success. That is the reason this field is always an ever flourishing career sector.

What is Marketing Management?

According to American Marketing Association (AMA) marketing is “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Professional

Roles and responsibilities of a marketing professional varies as per the role and position he / she holds in the company. Some roles which holds by marketing professional includes sales, advertising, customer management, customer relations, after sales service, new product, brand management, product management, distribution, retail management, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

There is no specific qualification requirement to become a marketing personality. Any person with interest and specific skill sin this field can succeed in marketing. But to become a marketing manager or higher position always requires higher qualifications like an MBA in marketing. The qualification and experience together gives a high opportunity for skilled persons to get into higher positions easily. Since there are no specific qualification requirement to become a marketing professional, anybody with required skills can get succeed in this field.

Different Specializations in Marketing

One can specialize in different fields of marketing like

Brand Management



Sales and Distribution


Marketing Research

Customer Management

Customer Relation

Skills and Knowledge Required for Marketing Management Career

A person who have to succeed in this field should have good communication skills, presentation skills, skill to persuade one, creativity, time management, stress control, ability to deal with different situations, leadership quality, team management skills, interest in travelling, etc.

How to become a Marketing Professional?

A fresher with MBA in marketing can get a job as marketing executive in a company. An MBA institute or Business Schools offer Marketing as specialization in their MBA program. Admission to good MBA institutes in India are done through various entrance test conducted across India. Some institutes conducts test by their own for the admission. Basic qualification to study MBA is any degree with specified percentage of marks. Studying MBA in a top institute like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other top institutes can give you a good job opening through campus placements.

Admission process in these institutes are done through various steps includes admission test, group discussions, personal interview, etc. Some admission tests for admission are Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Admission Test (MAT), XAT, GMAT, CMAT, etc. Some of the exams are conducting only once in a year and some are conducting four times a year. There is difference in the acceptable exams at different colleges or business schools.

Some institutes offer executive MBA through which a professional can get an MBA degree and improve his career opportunity.

To became a higher position in this field one has to opt for any stream in 10 + 2 and go for interested field in bachelor’s degree and can opt for MBA or PGDBM in Marketing.

There are some other options available in the field of marketing by obtaining a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Business Management (BBM), Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communication management (PGDMCM), etc.

Where do I get the Job?

A good qualified person can become marketing manager, brand manager, product manager, sales manager, purchasing manager, new product manager, distribution manager, marketing analyst, advertising manager, public relations manager, customer relations manager, retail managers, etc.

The jobs are available in all type of companies includes governmental, semi-governmental, non-governmental sector. The positions are available in small business to big corporate.

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