GMAT Exam Details, Eligibility, Exam Pattern etc.

GMAT: Exam Details, Eligibility, Exam Pattern etc.

What is GMAT?

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized management test for admission to MBA, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Finance and other programs of more than 2000 business schools worldwide. The exam is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Important Dates

GMAT does not have any specific dates. But there are limitations in attempts and break between two attempts.

Minimum break between two GMAT attempts must be 16 days. Also within a 12 month period one can only attempt maximum of 5 attempts. A candidate can take no more than 8 retests in a lifetime.


There are no specific eligibility criteria for attempting GMAT exam. But this course is intended for degree holders and undergraduate students who are about to graduate.

How to Apply for GMAT?

First step in applying for GMAT is by registering an account with GMAC in their official website Then the candidate can schedule the date of exam by choosing any date according to the convenience and availability of that date and time.


Fees for GMAT is USD 250.

Exam Pattern

GMAT is a computer adaptive test. Duration of the test is three and half hours. The questions are from four areas namely Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal. The score of exam ranges from 200 – 800.

Section 1 Analytical Writing Assessment consists of analysis of arguments type questions or essay writing. The duration is 30 minutes.

Section 2 Integrated Reasoning consists of questions like multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis etc. It consists of 12 questions and time allowed is 30 minutes.

Section 3 Quantitative Abilities consists of question like data sufficiency, problem solving etc. There is 75 minutes to attempt 37 multiple choice questions from this section.

Section 4 Verbal consists of questions like critical reasoning, sentence correction and reading comprehension. This section consists of 41 multiple choice questions and the candidate has to complete it within 75 minutes.

Since it is a computer adaptive test, the questions are adjusting to a test taker’s level of ability. At the start of the quantitative and verbal sections, test takers are presented with a question of average difficulty. As the questions are answered correctly, the computer presents the test with increasingly difficult questions and as questions are answered incorrectly the computer presents the test taker with questions of decreasing difficulty. Based on it at the end, computer come up with a score for each section.

GMAT Score

GMAT score of a candidate varies from 200 – 800. As per the GMAT score, only Verbal and Quantitative scores impact the total score. Analytical writing section is scaled on a 0 – 6 range and Integrated reasoning is scaled on a range of 1 – 8. The score has a validity of 5 years.

The result is available at the end of the test. Candidates have to accept or decline the result. If the result is accepted it will available for the participating institutes to view. Declining it, means the scores will not show.


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