Career Choices for INTJ Personality Type

Career Choices for INTJ Personality Type

The intellectual capacity, self-confidence and their ideas make excellent career choices for INTJ personality type. They are mostly among the high paid candidates. But there are some jobs that are not preferred for INTJ personality types. Here we are discussing about optimal and not preferred career choices of INTJ personality types.

INTJ Personality type are very intelligent and logical persons who analyze everything around them. They are not particular about the emotional needs of the people. This has also seen in their work habits also. The optimal and not preferred career for INTJ are based on their traits.

INTJ Personality Type

Optimal career choices for INTJ personality type

The intellectual and analytical thinking in INTJs makes them natural options for careers like scientists or in technical fields. They are also good at business, computer and legal professions. The analytical and problem-solving skills in them suits for many career options.

INTJs capabilities to turn their ideas into reality by their intelligence. Analytical nature of INTJs makes them suitable for jobs like accountants, auditors and analysts. Their ability to solve problems makes them perfect mathematician, scientists, economists, actuary, etc. They also possess planning and designing skills along with creativity makes them suitable for careers like architect and engineers. INTJs are suitable for all management positions, financial and strategic planners. The career choices which makes them to work on his own will also be good for INTJs. INTJs are also good at teaching jobs. They also have traits which suits them for jobs like writer, computer programmer, lawyer, detective, physician, surgeon, etc.

Career choices not preferred for INTJs

Every personality type has some career choices which are not preferred for their traits. If they get into these jobs, most probably they will not be happy or enjoying their life. For INTJ, jobs that conflict with their work style are not preferred. INTJs are not preferred for careers which not required intellectual stimulation.

Career choices not preferred for INTJs includes all types of assistant jobs. Some of them are medical assistant, teacher’s aide, etc. Jobs like receptionist which require constant and repeated job responsibility are also not preferred for INTJ. Jobs like recreation workers, television personality, etc. which require to show some extravert traits are also not suitable for INTJs as INTJ enjoy being alone.

Work habits of an INTJ

INTJs put immense efforts and determination in making something possible in workplace. They are problem solvers, analytical thinkers and have lots of ideas in their work habits. Being persons love to be independent, they like to work alone or in small team. They are also dedicated and capable of understanding how to improve the way things work.

They are interested in work habits where they can implement their own ideas and to use their analytical and problem-solving skills. They enjoy challenging environments and responsibilities. Love to work with competent, intelligent and productive colleagues.

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