INTJ in Relationships

INTJ in Relationships

Personality traits plays an important role in developing a relationship. This article is about the behavior of INTJ in Relationships.

INTJ Personality Type

INTJ in Relationships

Some personality types are good at some type of relationships and some at others. For INTJ, the relationship will last as a result of solving problems and finding solutions to them.

INTJs are people who are independent in nature and looks for this in their relationships also. They are also looking for continuous improvement in their relationships and take their commitments seriously. They are also persons who seek strong and deep relationships.

Here we are going to discuss INTJ in relationships such as spouse / lover, parent and friend.

INTJ as a Spouse / Lover

INTJ spouse or lover is one person who like their partner to accomplish their goals. They will push so hard that even creates stress and frustration among the partners sometimes. This personality type people are looking for independence for themselves and for their partner.

INTJs are considered to be too critical in nature. They are expecting and trying to make best of everything that makes them more critical. The high expectation and demands can lead to problems in your relationships as a partner.

Being in search of perfectionism and improvement, an INTJ may fall in fantasy which is far away from the reality. Their perfect solutions may not be applicable in real relationships. Problem that can affect INTJ relationship is their feel that they are always right and not considering the emotional needs of others and themselves.

INTJ as a Parent

INTJs want their children to grow as independent, intelligent and autonomous. They respect their children as unique individuals. They allow their children to make decisions and improve their life towards perfection. But they are not considered to be loving parental figure to their children but supportive to explore their own interests and potential. They are not considering the emotional needs of the children. Rather they come up with a solution-based approach to resolve problems. This can create problems mostly when children approach adolescence stage and require more emotional support from parents.

As a parent also their critical nature comes into play. They want their children to be the best and thus find problems in everything a child does. This can create problems between an INTJ with their children especially in teenage. INTJs put high expectation and demand on children which could have put children into stress.

INTJ as a Friend

It is hard to make friendship with an INTJ. Some INTJs believe that they don’t needs friends and want to live their own imaginative, independent life. Once made, they constantly evaluating the friendship and make sure that it still viable. Friends of INTJs are likely to be of the same type who can share ideas and share knowledge between them. That is, in friendship, INTJs are looking for an intellectual soul mate. INTJs want freedom and lonely time in their friendships.

INTJs are very critical in nature. Being a friend, the critical nature may be good if the friend understands you. If they are not understanding you and thinks that you are always finding problems, it could have even led to end the friendship. INTJ friends are not emotionally supportive, they are not showing their own emotions and expect the same from their friends.

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