ENFJs in Workplace

ENFJs in Workplace

ENFJ personality type people are very helpful and are able to keep a positive atmosphere at workplace. This article discusses about ENFJs in workplace at various positions like Manager / boss / leader, colleague and subordinate.

ENFJ Personality Type

Various Positions of ENFJs in Workplace

ENFJ personality type people have characters like ability to motivate and help others are visible in their various positions. They are very popular and have excellent ability in people-oriented problems. These people can create a situation where everyone is heard and accepted. Thus, they will success in any positions at workplace and are also very popular among others.

ENFJ as a Leader / Manager / Boss

ENFJ managers or boss or leader are excellent with their leadership skills. These people show their excellent characters like ability to perceive others, communication skills and sense of humor helps them in managing people. They will be very popular managers who are good listeners and helpful to their subordinates. They also show excellent ability in managing people rather than analytical works. So as a leader, they excel in people-oriented tasks with a humanitarian focus.

This personality type also has an excellent ability to consider other’s ideas and involve everyone in the process. Also, they are able to motivate and organize others in doing the tasks. They are also good leaders who can help others to become better at their work.

ENFJ as a Colleague

This personality type people will always show a helping hand towards the colleagues. They are people who can accept other’s ideas and maintain a good relationship with others. They like to maintain their relationships and work hard to feel nearby persons comfortable and happy. ENFJs are very good team players who have the ability to develop a win-win situation at workplace.

They mostly show a tendency to see other’s problems as their own. This may misuse by the colleagues by overburdening ENFJ with their problems. In a team ENFJs are inspirational and supportive persons who can build consensus within a team. Thus, they can act as a catalyst among other members in the team.

ENFJ as a Subordinate

ENFJs are very quick learners and have excellent ability to take multiple tasks at a moment. They are very hardworking and helpful people who can create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. This personality type people are conflict averse and will take extra efforts to avoid that. So, superiors can use this personality type people for maintain good atmosphere among the work group.

Characters and traits like taking responsibilities makes ENFJs get overburden with assigned tasks by some managers. They require appreciation from the superiors for their work as their self-esteem is depends on others happiness. If they are not appreciated, they feel demotivated and consider themselves as not valued for the work.

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