Career Choices for ENFJ Personality Type

Career Choices for ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJs like to choose a career in which they are able to help others. In this article we are going to discuss about various career choices for ENFJ personality type. There are optimal career choices and careers to avoid for ENFJ personality type.

ENFJ Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ENFJ personality type

Being in a career choice which matches their interests, traits and work habits makes them happy and successful in work. ENFJs will be happy to work in a career which gives them the opportunity to help others. They show interest and positive attitude towards others and their needs. This makes them best option for many careers like social worker, religious works, counseling, advisers, teaching especially special educational teacher and primary teacher.

Their ability to understand others, emotional intelligence, listening ability and popular nature makes them good at many career choices. This includes human resource management professional, administrator, event coordinator, politician, psychologist, etc.

Some other careers which are suitable for ENFJ personality type people are public relations manager, advertising and promotions manager, attendant, receptionist, customer service representative, executive assistant, training or development specialist, actor, director, photographer, reporter, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ENFJs

ENFJ personality type people will feel disturbed and stressed in careers which is not suitable for their interest and traits. So, it is better to avoid such careers for an ENFJ personality type. They are not suitable for works which have high amount of competition and repetition in it. Their values and empathetic nature make them not suited for careers which rely much on impersonal logic.

ENFJs are people who shows more attraction to people-oriented tasks, not machines. This makes them not suitable for jobs like mechanical engineering, system technology, etc. Jobs which require repetition works like accounting, auditing, etc. are also to avoid for ENFJ. Jobs which can hurt people feelings are also not preferred for ENFJ personality type. Military services are not preferred for this personality type because this job requires a constant observation of their surroundings and sometimes need to hurt others.

Work habits of an ENFJ

At workplace, ENFJ personality type people are very popular and helpful to others. Their intelligence, sense of humor, charismatic nature, ability to perceive, and people skills helps in maintaining good positive atmosphere at work. They put high priority to relationships and will take efforts to maintain it. This personality type people dislike conflicts and try to avoid it by any cost. They are people who are willing to help others. Also, they have an exceptional skill in perceiving others and utilize the talents around them.

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