ENFPs in Workplace

ENFPs in Workplace

ENFPs are people with lots of energy and enthusiasm in their workplace. They love to get freedom to explore their ideas and imagination. This article discusses about various positions of ENFPs in workplace. 

ENFP Personality Type

Various Positions of ENFPs in Workplace

Traits of ENFP personality type are visible at various positions in workplace. They are creative and like to share new ideas and explore them. Like freedom at workplace and dislike strict structures and hierarchy. Their people skills and communication skills are also visible at various positions. Remaining part of the article discuss more about ENFP as manager or boss, as colleague and as subordinate.

ENFP as a Manager / Boss

ENFP personality type have great people skills which makes them suitable for managerial positions. Excellent communication skills can also add up in their ability to manage things properly. ENFP managers will find ways to explore new ideas and push subordinates to come out from their comfort zone. They are inspirers and will encourage their subordinates to achieve and do the task. Along with that they are making their subordinated to grow in their professional and personal life.

They are good inspirational managers who dislike strict hierarchy and structure in their work. They show their friendly nature to their subordinates and will be popular managers. They give freedom to subordinates to come out with new ideas. Sometimes this can create problem if a subordinate required clearly defined objectives to complete their task. The trait of losing focus and tendency to go for new ideas can create problem by neglecting practicalities of projects before entering into it. Sometimes, their ideas even fail in the middle because of losing focus and turned to new ideas which seems good at the moment.

ENFP as a Colleague

ENFPs are good inspirers for their colleagues. They will show emotional support for the colleagues and are good at understanding others. Their friendly nature and people management skills are best used as a colleague. So, it is easy to become ENFP colleague as friend. This personality type people dislike tasks which require details but good at interpersonal skills and motivating others.

The ability to explore new ideas can be beneficial as a team to find new ways to complete the task. ENFPs will be enthusiastic and creative team member who like to share their ideas with the team. If there is one colleague in the team to support in implementing the ideas of ENFP personality people, the team can perform excellent.

ENFP as a Subordinate

ENFPs are growth-oriented people and always look for their career growth. They are good learners and are showing good creativity in the work. Their energetic nature and communication skills can be used well in the workplace. They have many ideas and like to explore it.

ENFPs are not good at conditions like strict hierarchy and rules. They like to have freedom of finding new alternatives in the work rather than keeping the status quo. If they are not able to do this, they will become unsatisfied and even can loss emotional stability. They also have problem of focusing for long time in a project. 

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