Career Choices for ENFP Personality Type

Career Choices for ENFP Personality Type

ENFP personality type people are fascinated by new ideas. They are very energetic and popular people. This article discusses about various career choices for ENFP personality type people based on their traits.

ENFP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ENFP personality type

A successful and satisfied career is that which matches their traits. There are many optimal career choices which matches ENFP traits and strengths. ENFP personality type have great qualities like excellent communication skills, people skills, full of ideas, energetic and enthusiastic. They show desire and willingness to learn in their life and are curious about anything.

Being good at ideas and imagination makes them suitable for any careers like writing, journalism, artists, etc. The career which can give much freedom and opportunity for explore new things everyday are suitable for ENFP personality type people. Their curious nature makes them suitable for investigative jobs.

ENFPs are energetic, popular, creative and imaginative people. These characters make them suitable at various careers. Some of them includes actor, choreographer, singers, director, designers, photographer, etc.

Jobs which require people management skills and communication skills are good option for ENFPs. Some of such careers includes human resource specialist, training, public relationship, receptionist, customer service, teaching, counseling and mentoring, insurance agent, advertising and promotion, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ENFPs

Some career choices are not suited for ENFP personality type people based on their traits. If they are into a career which are not their natural preferences, then that may create stress and discomfort among ENFPs.

ENFPs are not good at careers which require strict structure and hierarchy in the workplace. This makes them not preferred for jobs in military, police, administration, etc. Jobs which require regular, routine tasks are also not comfortable for NEFP personality type. Some such jobs include banking clerk, accountant, auditing, farmer, factory supervisor, etc.

Being not able to focus for a long time and also not good at details makes them not suitable for jobs like financial manager, analyst, etc. Jobs which will give result in a long time are also not preferred for ENFPs. Based on their work style and preferences some engineering jobs like mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, etc. are also not preferred to them.

Work habits of an ENFP

ENFP personality type people look for opportunities to explore their new ideas in workplace. The hierarchy or highly structured environment can create discomfort situation. ENFPs prefer to get freedom to explore their ideas. They are energetic and show their creativity in their workplace. They are good at people skills and are able to perform well with people-oriented problems. This personality type people are growth oriented, emotional and supportive in workplace.

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