ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJs are very good public speakers and leaders who value knowledge and competence. They are also good at logical reasoning and preparing and developing long range plans.

ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJ – Extraversion iNtuitive Thinking Judging

ENTJ is one of the Sixteen MBTI Personality Type in which the indicators are explained as below:

E (Extraversion): They talk more, active, high energy people. Outgoing, enthusiastic and likes to be around people.

N (iNtuitive): They are imaginative, creative and introspective people love to focus on the future instead of present.

T (Thinking): They are people make decisions based on logic. They prefer logic and facts than feelings. Ruled by the head, not the heart.

J (Judging): They are people who like to make decisions. Organized and disciplined people, like to prepare and plan ahead.

Common Traits of ENTJ Personality

ENTJs are very active and outspoken people who are very career focused and natural leaders. Very intelligent and quick to understand problems and take decisions. Value knowledge and competence but dislike inefficiency and repeated mistakes. Good at logical reasoning and live in the world of possibilities. They respect people who are able to stand up to them. Some common traits of ENTJ personality type are as follows:

  • They are natural born leaders and like to take charge of people
  • Exceptional ability to understand and find solutions to problems
  • Have exceptional communication skills and good public speakers
  • Well focused on career and good corporate leaders
  • Active and self-confident
  • Perfectionist and doesn’t like inefficiency and repeated mistakes
  • Quick decision makers

ENTJ –The Executive

ENTJs are known for their exceptional ability to understand and create solutions for organizational problems. They think and visualize in long term perspective and have the ability to plan accordingly. Their ability in accomplishing vision, visualize and find solid solutions to organizational problems make them successful in the business world. So, they are mostly corporate leaders. They are considered to be natural leaders and have an exceptional ability in public speaking.

Famous People with ENTJ Personality Type

Some famous people with ENTJ personality type includes Napoleon Bonaparte, Margaret Thatcher, Julius Caesar, Richard Nixon, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Harrison Ford, Garry Kasparov, Jim Carrey, Edward Teller, etc.

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