ESFJs in Workplace : ESFJ Manager. ESFJ Colleague. ESFJ Subordinate

ESFJs in Workplace

ESFJs are very good hardworking people in workplace and are loyal employees for the organization. In this article we are going to discuss about various positions of ESFJs in workplace like manager / boss / leader, colleague and subordinate.  

ESFJ Personality Type

Various Positions of ESFJs in Workplace

ESFJs are good communicators and are able to keep and maintain relationships. They are also able to create win-win situation in workplace. They possess various traits which makes them good at various positions in workplace.  

ESFJ as a Manager / Boss

ESFJ manager or leader like to have a structured and orderly atmosphere in the workplace. They want to follow established procedures and hierarchy in the organization. They are very good communicators and are good at making relationships with others. This helps them to manage the team in a proper and harmonious way and are good at administration. Their people skills make them able to coordinate and lead the team to attain the tasks.

They also possess good practical skills, which makes them suitable persons to handle different situations in managerial positions. This personality type managers are very helpful and kind persons who give attention to the needs of their subordinate.

ESFJ as a Colleague

ESFJs are good colleague and team player who even sacrifices their own needs for others. They are very helpful and kind in nature and will offer caring and support to their colleagues. ESFJ personality type people also expects support and friendly nature from their colleagues. They are good communicators and are able to make friends in the colleagues and takes efforts to maintain it for long time.

ESFJs are very good in a team which have stable structure and harmonious environment. Their practical skills are very useful as a team in their performance. They are also good at creating a win-win situation among the colleagues and are able to keep the team together.

ESFJ as a Subordinate

ESFJ as a subordinate are good at doing work in a well-structured organization. They enjoy work in a well assigned and detailed tasks to them. Routine and monotony works don’t make them bored and are good at it. They are very loyal and responsible subordinates on whom a superior can rely upon. They like to have a stable, secure and harmonious work environment.

This personality type people dislike criticism and conflicts and will take them personally. They like to get appreciated and complimented for their efforts and works. If they don’t get, ESFJ subordinate will feel undervalued and neglected.

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