Career Choices for ESFJ Personality Type

Career Choices for ESFJ Personality Type

ESFJs are hardworking, dedicated, and responsible persons suitable for many career choices. This article discusses about various career choices for ESFJ personality type.

ESFJ Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ESFJ personality type

Various traits of ESFJ personality type people makes them suitable for various career choices. They like to follow traditions and require stability and security in the job. Thus, prefer career which suits their interest and gives security and stability. Also, they like to work in an environment which allows them to help people in practical and observable ways.

ESFJs are good at practical skills and also like to follow traditions. Along with that they require stability and security in the workplace. These traits make them suitable for careers like accountant, bookkeeper, administrator, office manager, police officer, etc.

Their emotional understanding and empathetic nature towards others make them perfect for careers like nurse, social worker, church worker, counselor, primary teacher, special education teacher, child care provider, pediatrician, etc. These jobs which also suitable for their traits of helping others in practical situations.

Career choices not preferred for ESFJs

It is important for a person to choose a career which suits their traits. If they are in a career which is not suitable for their traits, this can make them stressed and unsatisfied in their profession. Based on their interests, strengths and talents, ESFJs should avoid certain careers or jobs.

Careers which require constant flexibility and changes are not preferred for ESFJ personality type people. Jobs which are also not giving results or not able to get them appreciations and compliment for their work regularly can also not good choice.

Based on the traits, an ESFJ should avoid following careers. Software developer, computer programmer, farmer, actor, editor, economist, journalists, marketing, etc.

Work habits of an ESFJ

ESFJs like to have a warm and friendly atmosphere at workplaces. They are the people who are altruist and consider happiness of others as their own and willing to sacrifice for that. They are hardworking and responsible persons in the workplace. This personality type people are kind and helpful to others in the workplace and are good at making friends. Being more traditional in work habits and like to follow structures and rules, so they like organizations with strong structure and hierarchy. Their loyalty and reliability make them perfect for long lasting career in an organization. They also require stability and security in their career. In an organization these people require helpful, supportive, motivated and action-oriented team. They like to get appreciation and compliments to perform well and keep their energy stable.

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