ESFPs in Workplace

ESFPs in Workplace

ESFP personality type people are good performers and entertainers. They like to be in such positions where they can enjoy the present moment. In this article we are going to discuss about ESFPs in workplace. 

ESFP Personality Type

Various Positions of ESFPs in Workplace

ESFP personality type people are found at various positions in their career. Their behavior in these careers are based on their traits. They love to have a sociable and fun atmosphere in the workplace and can enjoy each moment. Their strengths and weaknesses reflects in their behavior in various positions. Remaining section of this article discuss about ESFP as manager or boss, as a colleague and as a subordinate.

ESFP as a Manager / Boss

ESFP personality type people as a manager or boss are energetic and fun loving in their daily works. They like to be in the spotlight and center of attention. They like to be appreciated as bosses and will enjoy the power and social status it will offer to them. This personality type are good performers and entertainers who like to enjoy spending time with others. They make the subordinates happy and come out from difficult and frustrating situations. They will show sympathy and empathy towards others when subordinates required.

ESFPs are having great people handling skills and are good at problem solving. They are also good personal coaches who can improve employee and customer satisfaction. These people are good at managing people, but not good at planning or data handling. They are poor in technical writing or in taking decisions which require data analysis.

ESFP as a Colleague

ESFPs are very good colleague and team player. They are good performers and entertainers in their nature. They make the atmosphere fun and enjoyable. ESFP personality type people like to make others happy and are able to do with their social skills and talkative nature. This personality type people see teamwork as an opportunity to interact with others and like to be in spotlight. They like to offer support and assistance to colleagues in the possible way.

This personality type people have very good observational skills and are very good at handling people. They are people who can match with the intensity of the situation and will show their sympathy and empathy towards colleagues when they found it necessary.

ESFP as a Subordinate

ESFPs as a subordinate, are practical and willing to experiment on new ideas. They don’t like repetitive and structured tasks. Long term planning is not their strengths and are not good at focusing on such tasks for long time. So, they require tasks that required to complete in a short span and should get tangible results. This personality type people can be used for making the team work enjoyable and to avoid conflict in workplace.

They are creative and confident in doing tasks and require space and freedom for doing that. This ability can be used by managers to make practically apply new ideas with the help of an ESFP. Criticism is one thing they don’t like. They are very sensitive and emotional in nature and may take criticism as an effort by others to destroy their enjoyment of the present moment.

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