Career Choices for ESFP Personality Type

Career Choices for ESFP Personality Type

ESFPs are good performers and entertainers with excellent ability to work as a team. These qualities give them opportunities in various careers. This article discusses about various career choices for ESFP personality type.

ESFP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ESFP personality type

Depends upon various strengths, skills, interest and traits, ESFP personality type have number of optimal career choices to choose from. Working in a suitable and optimal career which matches their traits gives satisfaction and success for ESFPs.

This personality type people are good entertainers and performers. This makes them suitable for many career choices like actor / actress, stage performers like musician or comedian or dancer, choreographic performances, designing works, artists, etc. Their basic nature is to enjoy the present moment. Their skills like people management, creative and self-confidence are contributing much in these careers.

This personality type people are good at many other careers like athletics, coaching, social work, marketer or salesperson, public relation, etc. They have excellent people skills and are good at making others happy. Their career as marketer and social work can be a successful one if they could be careful about their tendency to make people happy and seek immediate solutions. They are also good public speakers, journalists, events coordinators, insurance agents, receptionists, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ESFPs

There are some career choices which are not preferred for ESFP personality type people. These jobs are not matching with the strengths and traits of ESFPs. So, if ESFP personality type people are in these jobs, it can make them stressful and unsatisfied in their career.

Jobs which require great amount of planning and structure are not suitable for ESFP personality type. Some of such careers includes management consultant, auditor, accountant, economist, data analyst, financial planner, etc. Along with this they like to be in spotlight, so any backstage career like backstage crew or backend web design are not suitable for them.

In business activities, they are not good at collecting credits. They show much emotions and like to make others happy. This may make them forgive the debt and can cause problems in business activites. Career like engineering and science are also not much matching their traits as these jobs give results for their work in a long time. ESFP personality type people like to get spontaneous and tangible result for their action.

Work habits of an ESFP

ESFPs are very hardworking people in their workplace. They like to be in spotlight and are good performers. They are very sociable and friendly people at workplace and like to have freedom and flexibility to perform their tasks. At work, ESFP personality type people like to be active and have fun with co-workers.

They are realistic and practical in approach and are good at taking spontaneous and bold decisions. They want real and tangible immediate results for their work. If they don’t get such satisfaction, they are seen as bored workers. They are not good at long term planning and cannot focus much on such projects for long time. These people are also not very good at adjusting with strict rules or structure at work.

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