INFJ Personality Type

INFJ Personality Type

INFJs are one of the rare types of personality who are gentile, caring and highly intuitive individuals. They are genuinely warm, concerned about other people’s feelings and like to be individualistic rather than leading or following.

INFJ Personality Type

INFJ – Introversion iNtuitive Feeling Judging

INFJ is one of the Sixteen MBTI Personality Type in which the indicators are explained as below:

I (Introversion): They are quiet, reserved people, comfortable being alone.

N (iNtuitive): They are imaginative, creative and introspective people love to focus on the future instead of present.

F (Feeling): They are people who uses personal values, emotions, feelings to take decisions. Ruled by the heart, not the head.  

J (Judging): They are people who like to make decisions. Organized and disciplined people, like to prepare and plan ahead.

Common Traits of INFJ Personality

Artistic and creative people with different ideas. Look the world and things in a different way and like to be individualistic. Have natural affinity to arts and sciences and good at service-oriented professions. They normally excel in areas where they require to be creative and somewhat independent. In relationship they are gentle, caring, highly intuitive and very sensitive to conflicts. They value relationship deeply. Some common traits of INFJ Personality Type are follows:

  • Warm, gentle, caring
  • Sensitive towards other people’s feelings
  • People with different ideas
  • Like to look world and things in a different way
  • They are quiet and reserved people
  • Good at reading people and sense emotions

INFJ –The Protector

INFJs are very warm individuals who are concerned about other people’s feelings. They are very strong with their ideas and never compromising on them. Also, they are very patient, devoted and protective in character and try to avoid hurting others. INFJs are considered to be gentle, caring and sensitive to conflict.

Very rare personality type and are visionaries and idealists who come with brilliant ideas. They are noticeable with their different and profound way of looking at the world and things. 

Famous People with INFJ Personality Type

Famous people with INFJ Personality type include Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Aristophanes, etc.

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