Stress Free Exam Preparation Tips

Stress Free Exam Preparation Tips

Students are commonly fall into stress and then to fear of exam. Stress free exam preparation is important for students to perform well. Some studies show that low levels of stress are actually beneficial and have positive impact on the performance of the students in exams.

Stress can leads to many problems in students life. Some of them includes head ache, lack of concentration, various diseases, poor retention and remembering capacity, etc. If students are facing these problems, it can destroy whole hard work of student and affect overall performance negatively.

Stress Free Exam Preparation Tips

It is very important for a student to make sure that he is away from stress for better performance in exams. In this article we are going to discuss about some stress free exam preparation tips you can try.

1. Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is one of the best way to handle stress. When you are under stress, think of some positive activities by which you can motivate yourself. It may be a success story of yours, your achievement in past, your post exam plans, your aim in life, the opportunities you are going to get after the exams, etc.

2. Don’t disturb your sleeping pattern

While exam preparation, some students disturb their sleeping pattern. This mostly don’t help you in your studies, rather disturb your concentration. This can lead you to stress as your mind and body are not getting enough rest. So it is always advisable that don’t disturb your sleeping pattern. You must also make a suitable sleeping pattern which makes sure that you are getting enough sleep. It is observed that proper sleep increases memory and recall capacity.

3. Make sure that you complete your syllabus

One of the reason many students become stress while preparing for the exams is that they didn’t complete their syllabus at all. This situation can be avoided if you start your preparation well in advance. When you start well in advance, you will get enough time to complete your syllabus. Regular and planned study will also help you in this case.

4. Exercise and eating habits

Have proper exercise every day. A proper exercise can help you to make your body and mind active. Proper exercise with proper eating habits can help you in this regard. Avoiding junk foods can help you much in this case. Playing can help you to get some exercises and relax your mind. But careful not to get injured while playing.

5. Meditation               

Like exercise keep your body fit and relaxed, meditation can help you to keep your mind active. A 10 minute meditation or sitting quietly can clear your mind. You need to practice few simple breathing techniques for this meditation. This relaxes your mind and avoids stress. If you got stressed, then meditation or long breathing for few minutes can put you relaxed. Sometimes a mere laugh can help you to overcome stress.

6. Think positively

When you fall in stress during study, take a break and think positive. You need to develop faith in your preparation and hard work. Believe in yourself and think nothing will happen wrongly. This is observed to be a good stress release mechanism for many.

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