INFJs in Workplace

INFJs in Workplace

INFJs are one of the rarest personalities out of sixteen personality types which consists of about 1 – 3 % of the population. INFJs in workplace are very particular and want their job has some goal and meaning. They dislike routine jobs, and jobs that require to make immediate response.

INFJ Personality Type

Various Positions of INFJs in Workplace

These personality types are excellent in understanding other people and are very helpful to others in workplace. Various career options for INFJs are there to suit their traits. They are people who are inspiration, goal oriented, perfectionist, and extremely good when the work is done for social benefit. INFJs are good advocates to downtrodden and are good counselors to others in workplace.

INFJ as a Manager / Boss

INFJs are having an intuitive ability which can go into the heart of the matter when considered to be human problems or nature. This makes them perfectly good for understanding subordinates and motivate them to do the work. They are also reluctant to exercise their authority, instead expects their subordinates to be competent, motivated and reliable as themselves. An INFJ have inspirational ability and goal-oriented approach which can help them to make others to line up for a common goal. Like to plan and avoid risks are considered as good qualities for a manager.

Their problem in managerial position can be due to make some immediate response at some decisions. They are not able to do if the work is of routine nature or find any societal benefits in it. INFJ managers are observed to be less tolerant for lapses in reliability or morality.

INFJ as a Colleague

Being very helpful and encouraging personality type, INFJs are normally very popular amongst their colleagues. INFJs ability to solve people problems and innovative ideas to foster human potential are also makes them better with in colleagues. They are very well principle and value oriented in their work culture also. INFJs are distracted from work if they found no cause or goal in doing so. This would have been a problem with colleagues. If it is for a goal, INFJs are keen to work with full energy and the passion leads them to the goal. They are observed to be successful in supportive teams committed to positive change but struggle in competitive or conflicting groups.

INFJ as a Subordinate

As a subordinate, INFJs are not good at routine works or follow hardline rules and formal hierarchy. They need to work for a meaningful assignment which have some goal to achieve. These personality types are giving their full energy in achieving the goal if it comes to their passion. Being perfectionist, INFJs are always look for perfect options and don’t mind to do the work again in search of perfection. This could have been a problem in the work, if the task is to complete and not need that much perfection in the work. They are good at doing a planned work and very difficult to handle works which requires immediate responses.

INFJs are not good to deal with criticism, but value sensitivity and diplomacy. So, a democratic approach from the manager with compliments and encouragement helps an INFJ subordinate to perform well. In the same way criticism can diminish morale of INFJs. INFJs are having an inborn talent of solving interpersonal problems, this would have been a great advantage for the manager to use for making a cohesive and congenial work environment.

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