INFJ in Relationships

INFJ in Relationships

INFJs are perfectionist who look for ultimate relationships in life. In general, these personality types are look for depth and meaning in their relationships. In this article we are going to discuss INFJ in relationships like spouse, parent and friend.

INFJ Personality Type

INFJ in Relationships

When coming to personal relationships like spouse or lover, parent and friends, INFJs are people look for depth and meaning in it. Their traits play a role in their behavior in relationships. They are sensitive and reserved people very selective about sharing intimate thoughts and feelings.

INFJ as a Spouse / Lover

They are people of finding a partner seriously. They like to promote relationships that are intense and meaningful. Their tendency to be perfectionist mostly comes as positive to strive a long-lasting relationship, but sometimes it become as a habit of moving from relationship to relationship in search of perfect partner. They also demand perfectionism from their mates in relationships.

In spouse / lover relationships, INFJs enjoy showing their love and want affirmations back from their mates. They are people who want their mates happy in their relationship. Once a perfect partner is found, their relationships will reach a high level of depth and sincerity.

INFJ as a Parent

Being a warm and caring personality, an INFJ parent is always warm and caring in nature. They help their children to grow as independent individuals and likely to consider their voice in family decisions also. This is done as a part of their belief that this will help them in developing their ability to think themselves and make right decisions.

As a parent, an INFJ have high expectations on their children. INFJs likely demand their own qualities in their children and like to show same sort of idealism and honesty that they demand from themselves. They become stubborn if their expectations are not met. They are happily sacrificing their needs for the needs of their children.

INFJ as a Friend

It is very difficult for an INFJ to make friends. They are not trusting friends even for closed ones in sharing. These personality type people like to socialize with family members than with friends. But others like friendship with INFJs as they are usually popular, warmth and show consideration. INFJs also have ability to inspire and motivate friends in the best way they can by using their intuitiveness. INFJs seek friends with whom they can share their passions, interests and ideologies they believe.

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