INFP Personality Type

INFP Personality Type

INFPs are quiet, reserved and compassionate people considered to be idealist and perfectionist. They are very caring and have interest in serving humanity.

INFP Personality Type

INFP – Introversion iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

INFP is one of the Sixteen MBTI Personality Type in which the indicators are explained as below:

I (Introversion): They are quiet, reserved people, comfortable being alone.

N (iNtuitive): They are imaginative, creative and introspective people love to focus on the future instead of present.

F (Feeling): They are people who uses personal values, emotions, feelings to take decisions. Ruled by the heart, not the head.  

P (Perceiving): They keep options open. Adaptable and going with flow. Playful, less aware of time.

Common Traits of INFP Personality

Very thoughtful and consider feelings and the human condition other than hard facts and logic. They are normally writers, social service professionals like counselors, teachers, etc. They work hard to achieve the goals they identified for themselves. Good listeners and thoughtful but aggressive defenders of the causes they believe in. Like long lasting relationships and prefer not to express their own emotions or about themselves especially with a new person. Some common traits of INFP personality type are as follows:

  • Idealist and perfectionist who work hard for a goal identified
  • Compassionate and caring people
  • Good listeners and mediators
  • Highly intuitive and perceptive
  • Thoughtful and considerate

INFP –The Idealist

INFPs are considered to be idealist and perfectionist who work hard to achieve the goals they have identified. They are very good listeners and mediators and have the ability to solve other people’s conflicts. Even in conflict situations they are very good at understanding both sides of an argument. Very creative, mentally quick, extremely loyal and able to see possibilities.

Main goal of INFPs are to discover about themselves, life’s meaning and to serve humanity. They work hard to achieve these goals and hard on themselves over perceived failures.

Famous People with INFP Personality Type

Some famous people with INFP personality types are William Shakespeare, William Blake, C S Lewis, Helen Keller, Albert Schweitzer, John Mayer, Bob Marley, etc.

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