Importance of Mock Tests in Exam Preparation

Importance of Mock Tests in Exam Preparation

Is studying complete syllabus is enough for exam preparations? My answer is no. Mock tests, sample papers and solving previous year questions can help you in different ways. This article is about importance of mock tests in exam preparation.

Importance of Mock Tests in Exam Preparation

Here we are going to discuss some reasons which shows the importance of mock tests in exam preparation.

1. Revision

Answering questions is one way of doing revisions. When you try to answer questions in mock tests, you are revising what you studied. As more and more mock tests, sample papers, previous year question papers you do, you are revising more topics. Some other revision methods are explained in our article How to revise what you studied?

2. Exam Practice

Mock tests give exam practice for students. It gives an idea about exam patterns, how the questions are asked, what type of questions are asking, etc. When you do mock tests and solve sample papers or previous year question papers, you are gaining more exam practice. This exam practice can also help you to reduce fear of exams.

3. Time Management

Managing time in exams are much important. You need to cover the whole answers in particular time. Mock tests can give idea about how to manage your time while examination. Which part needs to complete in how much time. As the mock exam is of same pattern with exam papers, it will help you to plan your time for examination so that you don’t fall short of time.

4. Evaluate your Preparation

Mock tests help you to check and evaluate your preparation, whether you can answer questions correctly and completely. Sometimes you might feel that you understood the concept, but may not be able to answer the questions. Thus it can help you to understand the topics you need to study again and give more attention.

5. Identify Important Topics

Mock tests, sample papers and previous year question papers follow the same exam pattern. So it gives an idea about the important topics based on the particular exams. You can make sure that such topics are covered completely in all respects so that you could perform well in the exam.

We wish you a happy exam preparation.

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