Weaknesses of ISTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISTP Personality Type

Knowing ourselves is a good and tough task. Understanding our personality more can lead you in this direction. This article discus about weaknesses of ISTP personality type.  

ISTP personality type are introvert thinkers and are not fan of theories and concepts. They like to live in present moment and are able to manipulate things for the present situation. They are not good planners and are unpredictable in nature.

ISTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISTP Personality Type

ISTPs also have weaknesses in their personality. It is important to understand and overcome weaknesses rather than to worry about it. Reducing the effect of weaknesses even create a better result. This is possible only if we could able to understand our weaknesses. Along with this you must also understand and improve your strengths.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ISTP Personality Type:

1. Arrogant

ISTPs are people focus more on logic and analysis and less on emotions. So, they are mostly perceived as arrogant.

2. Lives in present moment

This personality type people only think and caught up in present moment. They mostly avoid future possibilities or problems. So, they may not able to see big picture and future. This makes them not suitable as planners.

3. Try to avoid long term commitments

An ISTP prefer to live in the present and deals with present situations rather than future. This makes them not good at seeing future and long-term commitments. ISTPs shows this behavior in their work culture as well as in their personal relationships. They like to avoid all situations where their freedom is lost and are committed to a situation. They like to get newness and freshness in everything and don’t like planning.

4. Risk takers

ISTPs are more risk takers. This can be considered as positive as well as negative trait. If this trait works along with other traits, like spontaneity and lives in present, it can lead ISTP to more problems. Thus, it can end up in problems like poor financial choices which can leads others also into problems.

5. Unpredictable

ISTPs are unpredictable in relationships as well as in work. This is because they get bored easily. They get bored because they prefer new situations. If they couldn’t catch on to a new thing, they are not persistent with it. Another reason for their unpredictable nature is that they are not expressing their emotions, feelings and opinions. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between emotional reactions and judgments of an ISTP. They also show a tendency to hide their traits from outside world.

6. Sometimes like to be manipulative

They are people who live in present rather than thinking about future. Also, they are considered to be less emotional and thinks logically. They are thus able to manipulate things for their immediate situation. This could have makes them go out of the moral boundaries of society and other fellow beings. Even this manipulation can be seen in relationships of an ISTP.  

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