ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJ Personality Type are quiet, kind, conventional people. They are warm, generous and dependable persons who like to put other needs above their own needs. They are very practical and value security and tradition.

ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJ – Introversion Sensing Feeling Judging

ISFJ is one of the Sixteen MBTI Personality Type in which the indicators are explained as below:

I (Introversion): They are quiet, reserved people, comfortable being alone.

S (Sensing):  They are realistic and pragmatic people who like details. Trust facts, specifics, past experience and present realities.

F (Feeling): They are people who uses personal values, emotions, feelings to take decisions. Ruled by the heart, not the head.  

J (Judging): They are people who like to make decisions. Organized and disciplined people, like to prepare and plan ahead.

Common Traits of ISFJ Personality

ISFJs are very committed workers who try to complete their job. They are reliable and trustable and shows deep sense of responsibility in their works. Also, they value traditions and laws and love to follow established ways of doing things. In work they show responsibility and perfectionism in achieving the goal if the practical importance is understood. In relationship they always ready to defend their loved ones. Some common traits of ISFJs are as follows:

  • Kind hearted and sensitive to other’s feelings
  • Dependable and reliable persons
  • Respect traditions and laws
  • Value security, harmony, cooperation and peaceful living
  • Take responsibility seriously and fulfills to completion

ISFJ –The Nurturer

ISFJs are always people of kind hearted and wants to be generous. They value traditions, laws, harmony and cooperation and noted for their enthusiasm and unselfishness. ISFJs are also sensitive to other’s feeling and put them above their own needs.

ISFJs are stable, practical and down to earth people put importance to their value systems. They are such people who gives back kindness and generosity in excess to kindness and generosity they receive. 

Famous People with ISFJ Personality Type

Some of famous people with ISFJ Personality Type includes Mother Teresa, Tiger Woods, Kate Middleton, Michael Caine, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jimmy Carter, Robert E Lee etc.

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