ISTJs in Workplace

ISTJs in Workplace

ISTJs are considered to be dutiful and hardworking people. ISTJs in workplace seeks for specified structure, defined rules in all positions. They show respect to their hierarchy in the organization and be good to the authorities.

ISTJs ability and willingness to take responsibilities and dedication in completing a goal is their advantage in workplace. Their inability to cope with new ideas, changes and responsibilities are their difficulty in workplace.

ISTJ Personality Type

Various Positions of ISTJs in Workplace

An ISTJ have various career options which suit them. ISTJ’s traits are their advantage and disadvantage at various positions in work places. Here we are going to discuss how ISTJs are behaving at various positions in workplaces.

ISTJ as a Manager / Boss

ISTJs are people considered as inspector type and love responsibilities. So as a manager or boss, they will enjoy the responsibility and power. They will always dutiful persons and works beyond to complete a work or project. An ISTJ will expect this behavior from subordinates. Their behavior of follow rules and existing structures will also be there with them and expects subordinates also follow the same. That is, they want the subordinates to stick to the plan and expects honesty and integrity in them.

ISTJ as a Colleague

As a colleague, ISTJs are quiet and cool people when going through tough times. They are people who are dedicated to finish projects and works on time. An ISTJ likes to work alone, and to follow rules and structure. A change or innovation or new ideas will disrupt an ISTJ. They are people who loves peace and security in work places. If they got the details and structure has been done for the work, an ISTJ will put full effort to complete the project along with a team. They are considered to be loyal, faithful and dependable colleague.

ISTJ as a Subordinate

ISTJs are considered to be very good at works which have clearly defined structures and rules. Their dutiful nature makes them to take responsibility of completing a target or goal. They respect authority, hierarchy and traditional values which will not create much problem for seniors or managers. They will be very punctual, hardworking people who always try to complete their works in time. Also, they put tremendous energy into doing any task which they see as important to fulfilling a goal.

It is important to give them exact methods or manuals of doing works. A proper and clear instruction is what they required to the work. New changes and ideas in specified rules and structure can create resistance from ISTJs. Remember they are masters of doing a work if they have a manual with them. Very serious and dedicated to work, which can even make them sensitive to criticism.

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