Weaknesses of ISFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISFJ Personality Type

Like every personality type people, ISFJs also have weaknesses. Here we are discussing about weaknesses of ISFJ personality type.

ISFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISFJ Personality Type

People mostly try to avoid their weaknesses rather than try to overcome it. It is important to overcome the weaknesses and make sure that it is not affecting your life. To overcome the weaknesses, we need to identify our weaknesses. ISFJ personality type should also try to overcome weaknesses along with concentrating on their strengths.

The following are some of the weaknesses of an ISFJ Personality Type:

1. Too sensitive and take things personally

ISFJs are having a tendency to take things too personally. They mostly combine their professional life with personal life and feels more negative on criticism. These personality types are very sensitive and internalizing their feelings.

2. Not adaptable to change

An ISFJ is observed to be reluctant to change. They are people who value traditions and history and try to take decisions based on that. So, whenever they want to face a change, which can lead them to more stressful situations. This applies even to their habits which requires a change.

3. Overload themselves

They are people who wish to complete the goal in perfection. This sometimes make to overload themselves with works. Others may not have such patients to do things in a steady and slow approach. This sometimes makes them with work overload which can create problems in their life. This overload will make them someday to not reach the goal and create problems.

4. Downplay their success

ISFJs are people who put high standards in their work. So if they feel that they could even do a minor aspect to do things better, they often downplay their success entirely. This unachieved part leads them to more stressful situations and makes them more introvert.

5. Avoid help from others

ISFJs mostly think about others and thinks not to hurt others. So, in some situations they will neglect the help from others in order not to burden them. The problems may increase because it is not attended properly and put ISFJ into trouble.

6. Self-depriving

ISFJs have a tendency to put other needs more superior than them. This often leads to not attending their requirements. They are keeping their problems with themselves and not share with others.

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