Weaknesses of ENFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ENFP Personality Type

Weaknesses are something to overcome or reduce as a personality. Each personality traits have strengths and weaknesses. This article discusses about weaknesses of ENFP personality type.  

ENFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ENFP Personality Type

Every personality type has their own weaknesses to deal with. ENFP personality types also have weaknesses. Concentrating only on strengths is not enough for personality development. It is equally important to understand and reduce effects of weaknesses.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ENFP Personality Type:

1. Emotional people

ENFPs are highly emotional so that it can even destroy their productiveness. This can even cause problems in their personal life also. They are very sensitive even to other’s feelings. Along with that they are very sensitive towards criticism. They even show complete withdrawal tendency if they got affected emotionally.

2. Become stressed easily

This personality type people are getting stressed easily. Emotional feelings and deep care about other’s feeling along with popularity makes them overloaded and get into stress more easily. A criticism can even makes them stressed.  

3. Dislike analysis

Being a person who considers each situation as a part of something big, this personality type people are not good at dealing with data and present moment. They are more in tune with emotions and excitements, this can create problems in cases were logic and data are more important than emotions.

4. Lack of consistency

ENFPs are good at conceiving ideas and starting projects. But not good at follow-through and administration. This may create problems in implementing the projects and the ideas left as ideas itself. Their openness to new ideas makes them to shift from one to the other.

5. Difficult to focus for long time

ENFP personality type people are finding difficult to focus for a long time. They will attract to new ideas and projects. This makes them difficult to deal with tasks which are routine and administrative in nature. They show low attention or interest in long term tedious works.

6. Overthinking altruist

The intuitive skills in ENFPs may lead them to overthink about something. This may lead them to misinterpret other’s emotions and behavior. Overthinking about what others want and involve in other people’s activities can result in neglecting their own needs. Even may look for underlying motives for simplest things and behavior of others.

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