ENFP in Relationships : ENFP Parent, spouse or lover, friend

ENFP in Relationships

ENFPs are very open-minded people and are excited with their relationships. They consider relationship as an opportunity to share their ideas and imaginations. This article discusses ENFP in relationships as spouse or lover, as parent and as friend.

ENFP Personality Type

ENFP in Relationships

Relationships are much important for ENFP personality types. They consider this as an opportunity to mutual exploration and enjoyment. They love to experience lovely moments of relationships with their friendly nature. ENFPs enjoy to encourage and inspire other people to develop and grow. Their traits are shown up in relationships as spouse or lover, parent and friend.

ENFP as a Spouse / Lover

As a spouse or lover, ENFP personality type are more excited and serious people. They want to experience and enjoy each moment and consider it as a part of something big. They may show lots of affection and willingness to everything at the initial stages of their relationships to build it strong. This personality type people show emotional understanding and are good at understanding feelings of their partners. They will encourage their partners to pursue dreams and expect the same encouragement and support from them. They are also energetic and friendly partners who like to share their ideas and imagination.

ENFPs are constantly looking for new ideas and improvements in their relationships also. They look for potential opportunities and hard to stay focused on a long-term goal of relationships. This personality type people can easily become stressed when their partners are not supporting them.

ENFP as a Parent

ENFP personality type people likes to enjoy and experience each moment in life. So, as a parent they consider it as an opportunity to enjoy growth of their children. ENFPs will love and enjoy playing with their children. They are good at emotional understanding and give children love and support. They will also take the parenthood as an opportunity to share their ideas and imagination with children. Children of ENFPs will get unstructured environment with freedom and opportunity for creativity.

Their emotional attachment towards children can create problems and mystery in life when children grow up. They may not be able to give enough independence to their teenager child. They may also have worries about whether their ideas worked in raising the children as happy, independent and creative adults.

ENFP as a Friend

ENFPs are friendly people who are cheerful and supportive to others. They like to share new ideas and thoughts, and consider friendship as an opportunity for it. They are very energetic and popular among their fiends due to their characters. This personality type people are good at inspiring others and are able to make their friends come out of their comfort zone. They like to experience each moment and are open minded in their friendship.

ENFP personality type people are altruist who will go great lengths for others. They are caring and supportive people in their friendship. They are excited with new things and like to give it a try. Their character makes them good at making and keeping friends.

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