Weaknesses of ENTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ENTJ Personality Type

There are some weaknesses associated with every personality type people. This article discusses about some weaknesses of ENTJ personality type.  

ENTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ENTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses are those traits to overcome or reduce in personality development process. They should not be avoided. For this, it is important to understand the weaknesses of ENTJ personality type. Along with reducing or overcoming weaknesses, it is also important to concentrate on strengths of ENTJ personality type.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ENTJ Personality Type:

1. Stubborn

ENTJ personality type people are confident about their abilities and plans. This makes them not to hear others opinions and it makes them not recognize a better idea coming from somewhere else. Also, an ENTJ will always try to win every argument and push their own ideas and vision to others.

2. Insensitive

This personality type people are those people who prefer logic and facts over emotions. They are insensitive to the emotions and are only looking to achieve something. ENTJs thinks that achieving goals and success is important and all emotions comes only behind that. This actually makes them hurt others feelings.  

3. Ruthless and cold

The behavior in themselves makes ENTJs ruthless and cold people. This personality type people don’t bother about circumstances of others and want to move forward in any situation. They will never try to understand personal circumstances of others which also include personal preferences.

4. Intolerant

They are intolerant to their opinions and will be oppose to any idea or distraction from the plan. They don’t like to have plans or ideas which are not followed certain steps. So, when it comes to opinion which is not their own plans, makes them intolerant and they will never hesitate to show this in their behavior. They will never support and even show full oppose to ideas that distract their primary goals.

5. Impatient

ENTJ personality type people have little patience in dealing things. They have a fast thought process and are expecting the same from others. If they are not able to do so, they will get distracted and impatient. This could have resulted in getting proper support from other people when in work or in leadership positions. They are people who do not like themselves or others making mistakes.

6. Arrogant

This personality type people believe in responses based on relevant facts and experiences. They have high expectations for themselves and for others. So, if it is not happening, they become arrogant and overbearing.  

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