ENTJ in Relationships - ENTJ partner. ENTJ parent. ENTJ friend

ENTJ in Relationships

ENTJs are people who always approach with a set of goals and plans. This article discusses about ENTJ in relationships like partner, parent and friend.

ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJ in Relationships

ENTJ persoanlity type people will take a leading role in relationships and took it as a personal responsibility. They will take everything seriously and want to approach with planning and well-defined goals. This personality type people like to look things with logic and are not good at understanding emotions of others.

ENTJ as a Partner / Spouse / Lover

As a partner / spouse / lover, ENTJ personality type people will take leading role and consider it as their personal responsibility. They took their love relationships seriously, for long term and keep the relationship interesting with their energy and new ideas. This personality type people are growth oriented and want their relationship should also improve as it grows. Also, they have a clear idea about how things to be done in home. As the relationship grows, ENTJs are able to recognize and adapt to the needs of their partner.

ENTJ personality type people are ruthless and cold which are the main weakness in relationship. Also, these people are not good at understanding emotions and feeling. ENTJs are career-oriented people, so this can also affect their romantic relationships.

ENTJ as a Parent

ENTJ personality type people will take their parenting role as serious and do with utmost responsibility. They want personal growth and want their children to grow as smart, independent personalities. This personality type people will focus more on imparting intellectual, education and independent thought on their children than moral values. ENTJs are mostly in control of the home and set clear goals and roles in house for children.

The inability to understand emotions and less sensitivity towards others makes difficult for ENTJ parent when their children most requires it. They like to have leadership roles, so in parenting, they expect their children respect their authority. Their career-oriented life can make them less available at home and spend less time with their children.

ENTJ as a Friend

ENTJ friend expects personal growth and improvement with friendships. They love to have meaningful discussions and learning environment in their friendship circle. Because of this reason, it may be difficult for making friendship with ENTJ personality type people. But this personality type people always make the friendship interesting with their new ideas and energy.

They are not good at understanding feelings of friends and are also critical in nature. They also like to take leadership positions in a friendship tentative in imparting their ideas and plans on others.

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