Weaknesses of ENTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ENTP Personality Type

Traits of personality type makes strength as well as weaknesses for them. This article discusses about weaknesses of ENTP personality type.  

ENTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ENTP Personality Type

Weaknesses is something we don’t want to show to others. Thus, mostly it will be neglected and it stays as it is. It is important to reduce the weakness for personality development. ENTP personality type also have their own weaknesses. Efforts must be taken to reduce weaknesses and concentrate on strengths.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ENTP Personality Type:

1. Debatable and argumentative

ENTPs like to enjoy debating an idea with their knowledge. They are not scared to argue with anybody if anything comes against their views. This can sometimes create tension and stress. Sometimes they may even not like to hear other’s views.

2. Intolerant

This personality type people are interested in arguing with others. If others are not accepting or supporting their ideas, ENTP shows a tendency to keep away with such persons. That means they are pushy and rude with their own ideas and try to apply the same on others. This can give an impression that ENTPs are impatient and harsh people.

3. Difficult to focus for long time

ENTP personality type are flexible and are acceptable to new ideas and knowledge. This makes them find it difficult to focus for long time in a project. New ideas and knowledge can distract their focus.

4. Easily bored

This personality type requires to get new knowledge and ideas to keep them fresh. If they didn’t get such fresh thoughts and knowledge in their project, it can make them bored in the work.

5. Dislike practical matters

ENTPs are good at acquiring knowledge and fascinate about new ideas. The execution of this idea and creating plans are not their strength. They may lose interest in the plans and may end up not executed.

6. Insensitive

ENTPs are debating personality who often insensitive to others feelings. When debating they may show their intolerance as well as their insensitivity toward other’s feelings. Also, they don’t like to make mistakes by themselves and others. So, if someone makes mistakes, they become impatient.

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