ENTP in Relationships. ENTP partner. ENTP parent. ENTP friend.

ENTP in Relationships

ENTPs are good at bringing new ideas and innovations to make the relationship better. This article discusses about ENTP in relationships as spouse / lover / partner, parent and friend.

ENTP Personality Type

ENTP in Relationships

ENTP personality type always looks for growth and improvement in their relationships. They are good at bringing new ideas and innovations to make it happen in their relationships. They take their relationships very seriously and will take every opportunity to strengthen and improve it.

ENTP as a Spouse / Lover / Partner

As a spouse, ENTP want to improve their relationship with partner. They are good at learning and are expecting their partner also to grow in tandem with them. ENTPs mostly seek for a partner to whom they can share their ideas and intellectual knowledge. This personality type people are energetic and makes their partner delighted and surprised with new ideas and experiences.

ENTPs search for constant improvement can sometimes create problems with their partners. When they see it is not happening, their weakness of insensitiveness and intolerance come into play. Their tendency to take risk, intolerance and easily bored character can also create stressful situations in family relationships.

ENTP as a Parent

This personality type people are those people who always take their parenting role very seriously. They may give freedom and opportunity to explore new things in their life. ENTPs also give freedom for their child to grow up independently with their own opinions and alternatives in life. This personality type people are good learners and find ways for improvement in everything. This attitude is shown in their parenting also. They always encourage the children to find a better way to do things as a part of improvement. Also, they pass their desire to success and learning to their children.

When it is a matter of giving quality time with their children, ENTPs are inconsistent. They may give time initially and if they feel that this is not improving or if the children not acceptable to their ideas, they may neglect their kids.

ENTP as a Friend

ENTP as a friend are very loyal and supportive persons. They are energetic and confident people who like to share their ideas with friends. They also have excellent people skills and communication ability and are mostly debatable and arguable type. This personality type people love to engage in long and intellectual conversations which can help them in understanding others as well as sharing new ideas.

ENTPs weaknesses like intolerance, easily bored and insensitivity plays much as negative in friendship. They want their friends to accept and hear their ideas. If they are not doing it, there may be chance for ENTP to withdraw from friendship itself. If they are not getting enough learning ability, fresh thoughts and ideas which can improve their friendship, this may make them bored in friendship. Also, they don’t bother about feelings or emotions when they argue with others.

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