Weaknesses of INFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of INFP Personality Type

INFPs are people like to spend time alone in quite places. This article discusses about weaknesses of INFP personality type.

INFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of INFP Personality Type

One should understand their weaknesses to overcome it or reduce it. This is important along with understanding and concentrating on strengths of INFP personality type. Like each personality type, INFP personality types also have some weaknesses. It is not good to avoid weaknesses, but dealing with it and finding ways to overcome it is important. INFPs have some very good traits but some of their traits becomes their weakness.

The following are some of the weaknesses of INFP Personality Type:

1. Dislike analysis or data

INFPs are not people who fond of analysis, they dislike analysis with data, logics and traditions. They mostly look at the big picture and forget the details. Instead of data and logics, INFPs are more in tune with emotions, excitements, virtue and morality. This can create problems when some data and logic become more important than the emotions.

2. Defensive and private

INFPs are very defensive and private in nature, who like to keep their emotions and feeling protected. They are also very reserved and self-conscious people. This trait makes them difficult to know people and people close to them are also not able to understand them completely.

3. Lacks consistency or focus

INFPs tends to procrastinate things and lacks consistent energy to finish certain tasks. They are not good at focus things for a long time. These people are easily distracted by external things and thus lose their focus.

4. Too altruistic

When they try to help someone, they get too emotionally involved. This could have makes them neglect their own well-being. They probably make them guilty of neglecting their own emotional and spiritual well-being.

5. Very sensitive

INFPs are not at all fond of criticism and have a tendency to take them personally. They hate criticism and any type of criticism can make them hurt. The sensitivity is more seen when they feel that someone has violated their values.

6. Too idealistic

Idealistic is a quality which can be both strength and weakness for INFP. They completely believe that everyone is good and completely perfect by forgetting the fact that no one is perfect. This can create problems and makes them disappointed in their life when something unexpected happens.

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