INFP in Relationships

INFP in Relationships

INFP in relationships are dreamy idealists look for perfect relationship. Also, INFPs approach relationships with dedication, trust and loyal.

INFP Personality Type

INFP in Relationships

In general an INFP dream of a perfect relationship and that is not practical possibility. When they understand it, they become adaptable with the relationship. They also hope that relationships can make a better life for those who involved in it. As a result, they will take efforts and give support to make this happen. They are generally laid-back, supportive and nurturing in their relationships.

INFP as a Spouse / Lover

As a spouse or lover, INFPs always look to improve the relationship to their dream of perfect relationship. They compare reality with their imagined relationships. They are not easily committed, but if committed are more loyal and trustable people. INFPs are people who keep high values and moral standards in their relationships. They like to be in a relationship which is close and harmonious. But have intensive dislike of conflict and criticism and may take this as personally.

INFPs are very kind and helpful people and offer all the methods to help their partners. This personality type people are very difficult to understand as they will not express their feelings. But they are good listeners and are ready to hear their partners for a long time. They always generous and give preference for their partners pleasure. Satisfaction of their partners makes an INFP most satisfied.

INFP as a Parent

INFP as a parent see this as an opportunity to lead children in their journey to make better world. They want their children to grow as principled and moral individuals. As a parent, INFPs are warm, loving and supportive to their children. They allow freedom and opportunity to grow and gain their sense of understanding. Along with that they try to provide help in establishing a set of moral and spiritual development of their children.

If the children go away or fall against the values of INFPs, they will take it seriously and personally. This could have hurt an INFP much more as a parent. They also want their children to establish a sense of harmony in the household and dislike conflict situations.

INFP as a Friend

INFPs are difficult to make friends, but once made they are friends for life time. INFP friends are very good listeners but less expressive of their own emotions. They hold their own values and standards of morality in their friendship. Dislike analytical discussion in friendship. INFP friends are very sensitive, especially to criticism against their values.

Their traits like idealism and altruism are also seen much in their friendship. They are very genuine, original and caring individuals.

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