Weaknesses of INTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of INTJ Personality Type

INTJs are very unique and one of the rarest personality types. In this article we are discussing some weaknesses of INTJ personality type.   

INTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of INTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses are also there for any personality type. INTJs also have some, identifying and overcoming or reducing them are important for personality development. Along with this you should also concentrate and improve strengths of INTJ personality type.

The following are some of the weaknesses of an INTJ Personality Type:

1. Judgmental

INTJs are people who are quickly reactive with information they have. They tend to judge first and then go for asking questions. This could have made them into problems particularly in relationships, families and even in career. They also have tendency to make decisions without considering all the possible options for a problem.

2. Arrogant

An INTJ is tending to be arrogant as they have strong belief in their opinions and thoughts. They are not considering opinions of other people especially from those whom they think are intellectually inferior. They may even become impatient with others who are less competent than themselves.

3. Over analytical

INTJs show less attachment to human emotions and feelings. They believe in logic and analysis to rule over feelings. But in all the cases only logic or analysis can hold true, so this becomes their weakness. They also have their inability to express their feelings and emotions properly. Over analytical character can sometimes put them into a stressful state of mind.

4. Dislike highly structured environments

INTJs express intense dislike to rules and structured environments. They even don’t like to be in stringent policies and laws. An INTJ will disagree with rules and laws if they believe that it doesn’t have any meaning. This can even lead them to conflicts with social customs and rules.

5. Highly Independent

Being a highly independent person, INTJs are not open up things and not allowing others to do work for them. This could have become a weakness as being a social animal one requires help from others. Also, this can create problems in relationships of INTJs. This independency can also create problems to INTJs when working as a team.

6. Perfectionist

INTJs are perfectionist by nature. They expect others to be perfect and efficient in whatever they do. This attitude can create problems in their relationships and in workplaces.

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