Weaknesses of ISFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISFP Personality Type

ISFPs are that personality type who like to live in the present. In this article we are going to discuss more about weaknesses of ISFP personality type.

ISFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ISFP Personality Type

Same as other personality types, ISFPs are also have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to concentrate and make use of strengths and also to overcome weaknesses. To overcome weaknesses, the first step is to understand various weaknesses.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ISFP Personality Type:

1. Unpredictable

Lives in a moment and like to do things at present moment, ISFPs are one of the unpredictable personality types. They are very imaginative and come out with something which is unpredictable in nature. Their spontaneous nature makes them unpredictable for people even to their close friends and loved ones.

2. Dislike long term plans

ISFPs dislike long term plans. They love to live at the moment and take things one by one. They also have tendency to avoid future plans which may have create problems in their life. This personality type people mostly get excited with present day-to-day life and forget future possibilities and responsibilities. Their dislike to create future financial plans like pension plans, retirement plans and even for their children’s education is also a problem and weakness.

3. Disorganized

Their extreme hate of thinking about the future makes them to ignore some important tasks which shows them as disorganized people. They are people who mostly forget about the future responsibilities of the life. They like to enjoy and live the present moment.

4. Lazy

ISFPs took many things as easy going and took laid back attitude. They are also people who take things easy and enjoy and savor the moment. This could have shown them as slow-moving people and consider as lazy people. Their unhurried and calm nature may also perceive them as lazy characters. They like to be happy at present moment and not planning or thinking about future.

5. Fiercely Independent

They dislike traditions, hard rules or structures which go against their freedom of expression. They want freedom and space to do things in an unconventional way and in their own time. These people want to live in their own way and doesn’t like boundaries, restrictions and limitations on them. They will not accept or fight against anything which may disturb their freedom.

6. Over competitive

ISFPs are people who don’t like failures. For even a smaller task, these personality types become over competitive.

7. Easily stressed

This personality type had a problem of getting easily stressed when situations went out of control. This is because, they live in the present moment and with full of emotions. They are also looking for excitement in present moment, which can even lead to risky choices which may fail. Their emotional nature can make them more stressed at this state. Also, they have a tendency to keep problems in private to avoid conflicts, which may end up in serious problems later.

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