ISFP in Relationships

ISFP in Relationships

ISFPs are very creative and artistic people. In this article I am going to discuss more about ISFP in relationships. ISFP personality types have good traits which makes them good partner, parent and friend.

ISFP Personality Type

ISFP in Relationships

ISFPs are good listeners and gentle personalities who are supportive and helpful in nature. ISFP in relationships are people who don’t want to be in control or attract attention. Didn’t like conflicts or criticism and prefer harmonious situation in relationships. They like to find common ground with others to avoid conflicts. Also, they are very good at dealing with practical day-to-day concerns but dislike future planning.

ISFP as a Spouse / Lover

As spouse or lover, ISFPs maintain loyal, patient, and helpful relationship. ISFPs are warm and sensitive persons who love to spend time with their partners. They are good listeners and always offer helpful hand to their partners and families. They are also spontaneous and show their ability to find practical solutions to problems. They are artistic people and expects positive affirmation from their partners.

ISFP partners dislike conflicts and like to maintain harmony and peace in their relationships. This personality type people are flexible so that they can adapt to a new situation but they require freedom and space for doing things in their own time. They are not good at future planning and are people who want to enjoy life from moment to moment. They are also very private in nature, which makes them keep their feelings hidden. This quality makes ISFP as mysterious and difficult to know people. Even longest-term partners cannot understand full secrets of ISFPs.

ISFP as a Parent

ISFP as parent are very helpful to their children, who often spends time with them. Their listening ability will keep their children close to them as children get some opportunity to share their problems. Children often find a supporting and helpful parent in ISFP. ISFP parents are mostly calm and adaptable persons who doesn’t want to create any conflict between them and with their children. They hurt easily when children disrespect them. This can create problem when child enter in to teenage, an age when they didn’t appreciate the works of parents. They show a deep loyalty and intimate relation with their loved ones.

ISFPs encourage their children to try new things in life. They are not people who enforce rules and restrictions on their children. They actually enjoy their parenting role and like to treat their children as individuals who have their own roles in the family. The artistic nature inside ISFP makes them likely to lead their children in fun outdoor activities.

Even though ISFPs are good and attentive in meeting children’s practical needs at the moment, they are not good planners for their future. ISFPs are not good at financial planning, so they are also not good at making proper financial planning for their child’s education and future.

ISFP as a Friend

As a friend, ISFPs are very kind and helpful in nature. They show their sensitivity in friendship. You can always consider an ISFP friend as a friend in need. They dislike conflicts and likes harmony in friendships. Their ability to come up with exciting and surprising solutions spontaneously makes the friendship more exciting. They love to do casual and fun activities with friends than discussing about intellectual topics.

Being very private, these personality type keep their feelings and opinions hidden. They are very emotional and dislike judging friends. They are very competitive people and dislike to be lose anything even in small competitions. ISFP friends require lots of freedom and personal space in their friendship.

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