Concentration through Alertness

Concentration through Alertness

Concentration is essential for every person whatever his vocation may be. It is considering as the secret of success. In this article we are going to explain how a student can achieve concentration through alertness?

Importance of Alertness

Alertness called as ‘Avadhana’ is one method whereby concentration in studies can be achieved. Alertness is paying good attention to the subject read. This is possible by keeping the mind more active and watchful. Studying with concentration is not possible if student’s mind is wandering aimlessly. Many students face a problem of mind suspended in dreaming stage when studying. A wake up mind is essential for one to succeed in achieving concentration. Concentration is important for students.

How one can achieve concentration through alertness?

Now the question is how to make your mind awake during study time? There is no shortcuts or medicines you can take so that your mind will be alert. Regular practice and exercises are necessary for achieving concentration through alertness. Here we are giving some suggestions by which you can increase alertness of your mind.

1. Food you eat

Eating habits are one of the important factor that determine the alertness of mind. An overfilled stomach will surely destroy the alertness. Same way an empty stomach will also disturb your mind. Some will feel sleepy after taking certain kind of food. It is good to avoid such food that increases sleepiness.

A piece of chocolate or a spoon of honey can awake your mind. Everything in over quantities will also destroy alertness of mind.

2. Cleanliness of body

Your body must be clean to increase alertness of mind. Always take good bath so that all of your body organs are kept clean. Your body will feel energetic if you are keeping your body clean. If your body is energetic, your mind will also energetic and alert.

3. Be healthy

A healthy body can only be energetic. Do regular exercises or yoga so that your body will remain healthy. Walking, running, playing, etc. will make you healthy and also energize your mind. Everything should have proper timing and control. If you are playing or doing exercises for a long time, you will surely become tired and get sleepy. At that time you cannot concentrate or your mind will not be awake.

4. Clean surroundings and belongings

Cleaned and properly arranged surroundings and belongings are also one factor which can alert your mind. If your personal belongings like bedclothes, dress, etc. are not clean, your mind will not be alert. In the same way if your study table, chair, etc. are not clean, your mind will distract. Keep your things in an orderly way so that you attain a wakeful state of mind. A chaotic situation in personal life shows carelessness. A careless person cannot concentrate completely.

5. Keep your mind clean

If your mind is filled with vulgar thoughts, it will wander here and there. A student must also make sure to avoid any possibility of passing through vulgar or indecent thoughts. It should be prevented from passing even in the mind’s vicinity. If any student fall into it, there is no talk of concentration. This vulgar and indecent thoughts can spoil mind and concentration.

6. Self-motivation

Self-motivation is also important for studying. There is one method you can follow is set targets for studying. Like “Complete chapter one in 2 hours” and motivate yourself to achieve it. If you were not able to achieve it initially, don’t give up or upset. You need to fix targets again and again and motivate yourself to achieve it. Gradually your mind will increase alertness and follow your targets. You could able to complete the targets as it is progressed. This technique and effort increases the time of your mind remain awake.

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